Le Mars Police Officer Retires After 33 Years

(Le Mars) — After 33 years as a Le Mars Police officer, Captain Dennis Folkema says he is ready to put away the badge, and hang up the handcuffs and gun.  Folkema is scheduled to retire, with his last days on the force this coming Saturday and Sunday.  Folkema says he has enjoyed every day of his 33 years as a Le Mars Police officer.
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Folkema says he got his interest in law enforcement from watching his father, who was a part-time police officer with Granville and Alton.  Prior to working with the Le Mars Police Department, he was the town cop for Hinton for a period of six months.  What about cold cases?  Are there any cases that keep Folkema awake at night and that are still unresolved?

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Folkema says some of his worst memories of performing the duties as a Le Mars Police Officer have to deal with animal control.

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Folkema says immediately after that episode, his fellow colleagues kept their distance away from him…at least for a few days.   The retiring police officer has high praise for the Le Mars community and the people he served with.
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What’s next for the long-time peace officer?  Folkema says he will begin working with the Le Mars Insurance Company.

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The city of Le Mars will surely miss Folkema’s “easy-going” and “fair-minded” style.  Number 4 is now signing off…