City Workers Repair Potholes


(Le Mars) — In addition to seeing birds singing, flowers blooming, and warmer temperatures, another ritual of spring is the many potholes that occur on streets and highways.  Steve Hansen, the superintendent for the Le Mars Public Works Department, says his crew has already gotten started on the repairing the many potholes on Le Mars streets.

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Hansen doesn’t have a tally of the number of potholes found on Le Mars streets, but he anticipates seeing more as the ground begins to thaw.  He says potholes are created when you have the constant freezing and thawing.

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The city streets superintendent doesn’t see this year as being any better or worse than other years for street pothole repair.

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Hansen says he is not aware of anyone that has damaged a tire as the result of the city’s potholes.  Hansen says the streets and avenues that have the most traffic will be given first priority.  He says there are some downtown alleys that will also be given proper attention.

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