Remsen Holds TFJO Meal Packing Event


(Remsen) — Students from Remsen St. Mary’s, Remsen-Union, and other volunteers from the Remsen community are packing meals today for the “Then Feed Just One” program.  Tom Kockler is coordinating the event.  Kockler says this marks the first time Remsen has hosted the meal packaging program and he says more than 500 volunteers are helping package the meals, making it a true “community event.”

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Kockler says Remsen stepped up to the open opportunity after Granville Spalding and Gehlen had merged their high schools.

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The “Then Feed Just One” coodinator says Remsen has set a goal for 120,000 meals to be packaged today.  He says the snow and the late start for the schools did not interrupt the process or the goal.

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The packaged meals consist of rice, dried vegetables, dried soy protein, and minerals and vitamins.  When water is added to the mixture, each packet can feed up to nine people.  The meals will go to Honduras and other foreign nations.  Norine Harvey serves as the public relations director for the Remsen “then feed just one” program.  She says she is pleased at the volunteer turnout.

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Harvey says most of the Remsen community were already familiar with the “Then Feed Just One” program which made volunteer recruitment easier.