Jack and LaVon Holton Honored With Peter Gehlen Award

(Le Mars) — A couple with a long history with Gehlen Catholic School was presented the Peter Gehlen award during the Gehlen Catholic Fundraising Ball held Saturday evening at the Le Mars Convention Center.  Jack and LaVon Holton may not have graduated from Gehlen Catholic, but their devotion and love for the catholic school cannot be measured.  The Holtons have been major donors to the Gehlen Ball for the past eleven years, and have donated several items over the years for the auction.  The Holtons adopted a school classroom some years back and have purchased additional supplies for “their” classroom for the 2013-2014 school year.  The Holtons have been major donors to the 2012-2016 capital campaign.  The Holtons even traveled to attend the Spalding gala, and promise to attend more in the future.  They are members of the Peter Gehlen Society, by remembering the school and endowment fund in their will.  Jack and LaVon Holton have identified and encouraged others to give to the school in their will, and they have assisted in recruiting family members and friends to Gehlen School.  The Holtons have contributed various memorials to the school and endowment fund over the years.


This year’s Gehlen Catholic Ball was able to raise $231,679.  Lisa Niebuhr says the amount of money raised this year was $455 more than last year.