Franklin 4th Graders Create Electrical Science Projects

(Le Mars) — Le Mars Community Franklin elementary 4th graders were able to utilize their civil engineering, along with electrical engineering skills for a science project.  On Monday, 46 students displayed their creative projects illustrating electrical circuits.  The idea was the brain child of teacher Jan Hansen.

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Hansen says the class recently was studying magnetism, which led to the class designing their projects.

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Students displayed their projects and demonstrated how each project functioned to other students from Franklin school, as well as to parents and grandparents.  There were several unique and creative projects

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Some of the more unique projects showcased an electrical circuit using a mouse trap as the switch to make the connection.  Another had a miniature wind turbine to generate electricity, Still another project used a series of belts and pullies to lift an elevator in what appeared to be model of an apartment building.  Another Franklin 4th grade student created a crane able to lift a heavy bolt.  Hansen says she has had her students make the electrical projects for the past decade.  She says students show their enthusiasm and excitement for their science projects where they can learn and utilize their skills for a “hands-on” project.

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Up next, the students will study the solar system with the opportunity to create their own solar system project.