“Color Me Sweet” Is A Success!

(Le Mars) — More than 800 people braved the cooler temperatures and strong winds and participated in the inaugural “Color Me Sweet” walk held this morning near the Willow Creek Golf Course. It appeared that each of the participants enjoyed the event, because in addition to wearing the different multiple colors that were splashed on by the sponsors, many of the contestants were wearing wide smiles. The participants were of all ages.  Some had formed teams that had dressed in matching outfits.  Some contestants chose to run the 3.1 mile course, while the majority of the group selected to walk. Allie Freking is on the Chamber committee that organized the event, and offers her opinion.


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Freking says now that people have a better understanding of the event, she is predicting more participants and possibly more sponsors with additional color stations.


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Freking offers her explanation as to why the Chamber event “Color Me Sweet” was so widely successful and why 800 people were fascinated with the concept.


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As the contestants walked the course, 16 different sponsors were located at various spots along the trail, throwing a fine textured colored corn starch powder on the participants.  Each sponsor station was a different color.

Music was playing and contestants were dancing to such tunes as Y.M.C.A. by the Village People, and the Macrana, which helped people get into the party spirit and provided for a festive atmosphere. Freking summarizes the morning.


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