Plymouth County Sees Resurgence In COVID-19 Cases


(Le Mars) — Plymouth County has witnessed another surge in the number of positive cases for COVID-19 virus. According to Tara Geddes, Plymouth County’s Community Health Director, as of Wednesday afternoon, Plymouth County has recorded 257 positive cases, along with four deaths.

Geddes says the increase with positive coronavirus cases is with the younger age demographic.

Although businesses have re-opened, the Community Health Director encourages all people to continue to wear a mask or some type of face covering.

Many people are wondering if we will ever see an end to the COVID-19? Geddes believes the virus may stick around for sometime.

Geddes says health researchers are not certain if people that contract the COVID-19 virus and are able to recover, whether or not they have built up an immunity to the virus.

If an individual is infected with the virus, what is typically the time table for recovery?

Geddes says if you suspect having COVID-19 virus, you need to contact your doctor before coming to the hospital or clinic, and you will need to isolate yourself from others.