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Wednesday News, October 14th


City Officials To Close Streets For Repairs

(Le Mars) — City officials have announced closing the street at 4th Ave. N.E by the railroad tracks starting today, Wednesday, Oct. 14th at 7:00 a.m. They are working on putting new timbers under the tracks going east and found a problem with the track that crosses 4th Ave. N.E. This will require to close
the road and repair that portion of the track. City officials hope to have it fixed in two days. They have to get someone lined up to put asphalt back down after the repair so until then 4th Ave. crossing could be a little rough. See the attached file for a picture of the road closure.




(Le Mars) — The Le Mars Street Department will be closing 4th Street S.W. on both sides of Business Highway 75 at that intersection starting on Thursday, October 15th around 9:30 a.m. City work crews will conduct some maintenance on the traffic control cabinet and should last about two hours. There will be no traffic lights at that intersection, so they will have it closed down for east and west bound traffic and only allowing north and south bound traffic to proceed through that intersection.




Fire Pits Are Not To Be Used For Burning Leaves Or Yard Waste

(Le Mars) — With autumn, comes the falling of leaves, and many people may want to burn those leaves in their outdoor fire pits. However, the Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department wants to remind Le Mars residents of the city ordinance that forbids the burning of leaves in a fire pit. City code states that the fire pit is not to be used for disposal of any yard waste or garbage. Residents are not permitted to burn any of the following items: grass, leaves, sticks, paper, stalins, rubber products, plastics, treated wood, or construction waste. The use of outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and chimneys with appropriate screen covers are allowed in Le Mars, however, they cannot be located on a combustible surface such as a wooden deck, and they are not to be used on a deck or balcony above grade. Fire pits need to be at least ten feet away from combustible construction or overhangs, and the device cannot be any larger than three feet in diameter, with the fuel load not to exceed two feet in height. Only charcoal, natural gas, propane, or clean, dry seasoned firewood can be used in fire pits. The fire needs to be attended to at all times, and a fire extinguisher, water hose, or other means of fire suppressant shall be provided. Winds must remain below 20 mph. A permit is not needed for the use of a fire pit, however, police and/or fire officers may order their extinguishment if they are unlawful, hazardous, or objectionable. By the way, Plymouth County is under a burn ban as are also Sioux and O’Brien counties.




Le Mars Welcomes New Business

(Le Mars) — Le Mars Chamber of Commerce welcomed a new business to the community with a ribbon-cutting ceremony held Tuesday morning. Justin Vore is the president and owner of SECURE-IT.

Vore explains to protect his client’s business, his company monitors incoming email messages and detects any discrepancies.

Secure-IT is located at 101 1st Street northwest, Suite 3, or you can contact Vore by visiting his website at Secure-IT consulting- dot com, or calling (712) 360-0029.




Legion To Distribute “Quilts of Valor”

(Le Mars) — It was Saturday when we first were introduced to the “Quilts of Valor” when members of the Le Mars based Wasmer Post #241 American Legion donated and draped a patriotic-colored quilt on the shoulders of U-S Senator Joni Ernst just prior to her cross-state motorcycle ride. Today, we learn more about the “Quilts of Valor” program. Ginny Freyermuth of Le Mars says she enjoys making the sentimental quilts and offers an explanation as to how the program got its start.

Freyermuth says the “Quilts of Valor” Foundation stipulates some specific criteria that must be met when a quilt is presented.

Another suggestion of the quilts is that they feature the American patriotic colors of red, white, and blue. Freyermuth says the local American Legion post has presented close to 30 different quilts to local veterans within the past year. Eight more quilts will be presented to veterans during a program scheduled for November 8th, just a few days prior to Veterans Day.

Local financial institutions including Primebank, Iowa State Bank of Le Mars and Remsen, American Bank of Le Mars and Remsen, Northwest Bank of Le Mars, and Northwest Iowa Credit Union of Le Mars have each contributed funding so the quilt program can continue. Each of the financial institutions are now featuring a “Quilt of Valor” inside their lobby so others can view those quilts that have special meaning. They will remain on display leading up to the presentation program scheduled for November 8th at the St. John’s Lutheran Church. Tomorrow, we will learn more about the “Quilt of Valor” that was presented to U-S Senator Joni Ernst, and the story behind of the making of the quilt.




Grassley Criticizes Democrats For Questioning Coney Barrett on Obamacare Repeal

(Washington, DC) — U-S Senator Chuck Grassley says Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are using this week’s hearings to suggest Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett “doesn’t care” about access to health care. The Iowa Republican said, “Democrats are painting the judge as heartless and on a mission to scrap the health care law.” Grassley asked Barrett, “Have you committed to the president or anyone else that you will vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act if confirmed to the court?” Barrett responded: ‘Absolutely not. I was never asked and, if had have been, that would have been a short conversation.” Barrett has questioned a previous opinion that upheld the A-C-A, based on the court’s majority conclusion that the law included a tax.




President To Campaign In Des Moines

(Des Moines, IA) — President Donald Trump is scheduled to rally with supporters at the Des Moines Airport this (Wednesday) evening. Eric Branstad, a senior advisor to the president’s Iowa campaign, says Trump wants to be “record-breaking and record-setting for Iowa and Iowa farmers..” Branstad’s father, former Governor Terry Branstad, just resigned from his post as Trump’s Ambassador to China. The elder Branstad says with 19 days left, it’s important to finish the campaign strong. He says President Trump is coming back to Iowa while Joe Biden isn’t. Trump opponents have bought a billboard with the words, “Trump Covid Superspreader Event” above a giant arrow pointing at the entrance to the Des Moines airport, where the rally will be held.




State Panel Optimistic But Cautious About Tax Revenue

(Des Moines, IA) — The three-member state Revenue Estimating Conference says the Iowa economy is headed in a positive direction — but state tax revenue won’t quite rebound to pre-pandemic levels over the next three quarters. The panel predicts state tax collections will be down two-tenths of a percent in the current state fiscal year. David Roederer (ROH-der-er), the governor’s budget director, says there are modest signs of strength in Iowa’s economy, helped by the unprecedented six billion dollars in direct federal aid to Iowa businesses. But, he says it’s not known at what pace the economy will rebound. The group acknowledges losses in the restaurant, bar and hospitality industry, but cites increases in e-commerce and spending to outfit home offices. The panel predicts state tax revenue will surge four percent higher in the next fiscal year.




Groups Declare Black State Of Emergency In Iowa

(Des Moines, IA) — A coalition of groups have gathered in Des Moines to officially declare a “Black state of emergency” in Iowa. At a Tuesday news conference, the nine organizations said it is unsafe for Black Iowans to be in public alone. They cited the cases of Darquan Jones, Stephanie Hinton, Breasia Terrell, Makeda Scott, Abdi Sharif, and Michael Williams this year alone. In a news release, the groups pointed out that Black Iowans make up 31 percent of gun violence victims, even though they are only four percent of the state’s population. The coalition is calling for people of color to become more involved in their communities through voting and to shop at Black-owned businesses.