Gehlen Catholic Students And Faculty Participate In The Jaywalk-a-thon


(Le Mars) — Faculty and students of Gehlen Catholic school are walking around their practice track in the effort to raise money. Its being called the “Jaywalk-a-thon” and despite the chilly autumn temperatures along with the strong winds, making it feel that much colder, it seems that everyone is enjoying the event.

That’s Amy Jungers, the Development Director for Gehlen Catholic schools. Jungers says the Jaywalk-a-thon was created to make up for two other fund raisers that were not able to be held.

Jungers says that so far, the money already raised has exceeded the original goal.

Jungers explains the walk-a-thon also involves an aspect of faith and prayer.

Each grade walks for a half-hour, and the Jaywalk-a-thon will continue until 3:00 p.m. this afternoon.