Le Mars Community Middle School Students Say “Thank You” To Floyd Valley Healthcare


(Le Mars) — Students from Le Mars Community Middle School wanted to send a special message of thanks for Floyd Valley Healthcare staff and officials by placing a series of posters outside the doors showing their appreciation for the work of the nurses, doctors, and the entire staff. Kari Kopperud is the
guidance counselor for the Le Mars Middle School and explains how the idea came about.

Kopperud says the Le Mars Middle School consists of nearly 600 students, of which all of them participated in the project of creating “stars of thanks.”

In addition to the posters and stars, Kopperud says the students also placed several hearts of appreciation to the healthcare staff.

Lori Mortenson, Director of Nursing for Floyd Valley says everyone at the hospital appreciates the kind gesture of appreciation as displayed by the Le Mars Community Middle School students.
The posters of “stars of thanks” will remain in front of Floyd Valley Healthcare through the weekend.