U-S Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Visits Dordt University


U-S Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos (second from right) listens to Dordt University Director of Pro-Tech, Dale Vos (far left) explain the college’s program.  Listening to the conversation is Agriculture Department chair, Gary DeVries (left center) and Dordt University president, Dr. Eric Hoekstra (far right).

(Sioux Center) — U-S Secretary of Education Betsy De Vos visited Dordt University Friday afternoon to see how the four-year college has implemented its Pro-Tech program which allows a student to get a two-year degree with incorporating job skills with local employers. The Secretary of Education met with Dordt University officials and spoke with some students enrolled in the Pro-Tech program, then held a round table discussion consisting of various college officials and private company officials. Dordt University president, Eric Hoekstra says he invited the Education Secretary to visit the Sioux Center college some years back. De Vos told reporters that she is impressed with what Dordt University has done to create additional opportunities for students.

Dordt University president Hoekstra says under the Education Secretary’s leadership, several regulations have been lifted, allowing Dordt to transition into the new Pro-Tech program.

Hoekstra then further clarified some of the restrictive regulations and how it applies to religious institutions and education that are not affiliated or owned by a church.

DeVos says she appreciates visiting with an array of educational institutions, like Dordt University, to get a better understanding of the many innovative programs that are being implemented.

Prior to visiting Dordt University, U-S Education Secretary made a stop in Pella.