Meet The Third Party Candidate Running For Senate


(Le Mars) — Many people may not know of a third candidate who is seeking the office of U-S Senator representing Iowa. All attention and media advertising has focused on either Republican incumbent, Joni Ernst, or the Democratic challenger, Theresa Greenfield. However, Rick Stewart is running for the
Senate seat under the Libertarian party. Stewart was in Le Mars and stopped by the KLEM offices. He says many people may have become frustrated with the bombardment of political ads with Ernst and Greenfield, and he says that may prove to work in his favor.

The Libertarian senate candidate says Iowans are getting tired of partisan politics, and Iowans want to work with one another on resolving problems.

Stewart says both of his opponents like to play on a voter’s fears. He says Iowans don’t need to be scared into voting one way or the other.

Stewart says laws should be simple to read and understand by the common person, and they should not be any longer than five pages. He says there is no need to have complicated bills that have more than 1000 pages, as was the case with the Affordable Care Act, and lawyers are the only ones that understand the language.

The Libertarian says when our nation was first founded, laws were printed in the newspapers so everyone could see the bill and respond to it.

Stewart says more people are taking notice of the Libertarian party platform, and they are switching from the main parties of Republican and Democrat and becoming a Libertarian.