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Thursday News, October 22nd


Law Enforcement Officials Try To Apprehend Most Wanted Felon

(Le Mars) — Law enforcement officials tried to apprehend a felon listed on Siouxland’s Most Wanted. At approximately 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, the Le Mars Police Department received information about Carter Brinkerhoff who was thought to have entered a recreational vehicle camper on a commercial lot in the southwestern part of Le Mars. Due to Brinkerhoff’s past criminal history and known violent tendencies, the Combined Emergency Rescue Team (CERT) unit was deployed to apprehend Brinkerhoff peacefully. At around 3:00 p.m. the CERT unit attempted to execute three felony warrants for drug related charges. After officers concluded a search of the area, additional information was provided, indicating Brinkerhoff had been aided by accomplices in fleeing the area prior to law enforcement arrival. No further action was taken by the Le Mars Police Department or CERT.




Supreme Court Upholds New Absentee Ballot Law

(Des Moines, IA) — The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled 4-3 that county election officials cannot use voter registration data to correct mistakes on absentee ballot request forms. A new state law prohibits the practice. A majority of the Iowa Supreme Court sided with the argument from Republicans that it’s too close to the election to alter the rules. The three justices who dissented in the ruling cited unprecedented early voting during the pandemic and evidence that county auditors are scrambling to ensure all who wish to do so may vote. If an absentee ballot request form has an error, county election officials must call the voter or send a letter so the voter may correct it.




King Says He Wants To See More Constitutionists On The Supreme Court

(Washington) — The U-S Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett today. It is expected the Senate Judiciary committee will vote along party lines with the
Republican majority voting in favor of Barrett’s confirmation, and the Democrats opposing the judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Once the committee has voted on Barrett’s confirmation, the entire Senate will then vote sometime within the next few days. It is expected Barrett will wear the
black robe and sit on the bench joining the other eight justices on the U-S Supreme Court prior to Election Day. Iowa’s 4th District Republican Congressman Steve King says if he was to be on the Senate committee, he would be wanting a justice that upholds the strict interpretation of the U-S Constitution.

The exiting congressman says it is important that the people re-elect Donald Trump as our president, if for no other reason, but to assure the U-S Supreme Court will be having justices that are strict constitutionists.

King says it means a lot to have Trump serve as president in the next four years. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 12 – 0 on approving Barrett’s nomination. Each of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee decided to boycott the vote, and did not show up to the committee hearing room. Both of Iowa’s senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst serve on the U-S Senate Judiciary Committee.




Fourth District Candidates Debate

(Sioux City, IA) — The Democrat and Republican candidates competing to represent Iowa’s 4th congressional district next year agreed there should be term limits for members of the House and talked about the Green New Deal during their only televised debate of the campaign. Republican Randy Feenstra read tweets Democrat J.D. Scholten (SHOAL-tun) posted in 2019 saying the Green New Deal would benefit farm families. Feenstra said Scholten has been “buddy-buddy” with Bernie Sanders and endorsed by Elizabeth Warren. Scholten says once more details about the Green New Deal emerged, it became clear farmers didn’t have a seat at the table. He accused Feenstra of lying in ads about his support for the idea. Scholten said he does not support the Green New Deal and told Feenstra he should stop the ad that says he does.





Winnebago Reports Return Of Demand

(Forest City, IA) –Winnebago Industries C-E-O Michael Happe (Happy) says demand has picked up for campers of all types after a third-quarter where things were slowed down by the pandemic. Happe reports the Forest City-based company saw fourth-quarter fiscal year profits of 42-and-a-half ($42.5) million dollars and overall fiscal year profits of more than 61 million dollars ($61.4). Happe says the fourth-quarter results show “tremendous consumer and dealer demand, which has returned in full force.” Happe credits the company leaders with handling and getting through a shutdown early in the COVID-19 pandemic while still strengthening the company’s solid financial position. Winnebago’s stock price has increased 35 percent in the last 12 months and has risen about eight percent in the calendar year 2020.




Dallas County Shooter Claims Self-Defense

(Woodward, IA) — A 45-year-old Dallas County man tells dispatchers he shot another man who was coming into his home. Deputies were called to the address near Woodward Wednesday morning just before 7:00 a-m. Steven J. Caldwell made the call. Deputies say they found 45-year-old Scott R. Hanson lying in the front yard suffering gunshot wounds. He needed surgery after being airlifted to a hospital. Investigators say Caldwell has been cooperative. Authorities are calling the shooting an isolated incident with no threat to the public.