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Wednesday News, October 28th


Emergency Crews Respond To Three Separate Traffic Accidents

(Le Mars) — Emergency rescuers responded to three separate traffic accidents on late Tuesday afternoon to early evening. Fortunately, for all three accidents, there were only minor injuries reported. The first accident was reported near the Le Mars Dairy Queen that happened around 4:00 p.m. The
second accident occurred on Business Highway 75 near 195th Street, at about 5:15 p.m. and the third accident happened at around 7:38 p.m. about a block north of the Clark Elementary school at the intersection of 2nd Avenue Northwest and 4th Street Northwest. The Le Mars Ambulance Services, and Le
Mars Police responded to all the accidents, and the Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department was called to assist with the accidents reported on Business Highway 75, and at the accident scene at 2nd Avenue and 4th Street Northwest.




Civil Service Commission Hearing To Be Rescheduled

(Le Mars) — The appeals hearing for former Le Mars Police Officer Jeremy Singer with the Le Mars Civil Service Commission was needing to be rescheduled due to the fact a court reporter was unable to appear at the hearing.
Singer was terminated from his duties as a Le Mars Police Officer when it was suspected that he had posted negative and derogatory comments on social media. The new date for the hearing is set for November 16th at 9:00 a.m. at the Le Mars City Council Chambers.




500 Families Able To Receive Free Food

(Le Mars) — 500 families were able to receive a box of free food during a food distribution program held Tuesday. Due to the delay of the semi truck hauling the free food items, some people waited up to five hours. The program held at the Le Mars Convention Center, was a U-S-D-A sponsored event due to the COVID-19 virus. Coordinators Adri Riesch and Patrick Visscher talk about the program.

Once started, the distribution of the free food had worked well with the food was able to be given to everyone that had showed up for the food. Patrick Visscher says it worked out perfect.

Riesch says she only heard positive comments from the people who waited for the truck to arrive.

Each box of free food contained a gallon of milk, yogurt, potatoes, onions, apples, cheese, frozen pre-cooked chicken patties, and a package of 24 hot dogs.  Reisch and Visscher were appreciative of all the volunteers that assisted with the food distribution program, including the services of the Le Mars Police Department.

Both Riesch and Visscher also wanted to express their appreciation to Ryan Campbell who had a Bobcat skid loader equipped with a forklift attachment and was able to pull the palets of food off the semi truck.




Pork Check-off Helps With Increase Consumer Demand For Pork Products

(Le Mars) — Today, we conclude our three-part series focusing on the local pork industry. With earlier reports we learned about how the pork industry plays a significant role in the local economy, and exports of U-S hogs and pork products have been on the increase during the last few years. In this report, we will focus our attention on the pork check-off program. Every time a pork producer markets their hogs, they make a contribution amounting to 40 cents for every $100 of value. The program is referred to as the “pork check-off.” Consumers may recall the check-off promotion campaign slogan, “Pork the Other White Meat” that was used by pork producers for several years, as a way to encourage people to eat more pork products. Bill Tentinger is a Plymouth County pork producer and a past president of the Iowa Pork Producers Association. Tentinger now serves as a representative from Iowa on the National Pork Board, which is the governing body of producers and industry officials that supervise and oversee the collection and allocation of the pork check-off funds. Tentinger explains the money from the check-off can only be used to help finance four different programs.

According to Tentinger, one area how the check-off funds are being utilized is to improve the flavor of pork products, thereby making pork more desirable among consumers.

The COVID-19 virus has certainly interrupted everyone’s lifestyle, but Tentinger says because of the virus, more people are needing to stay home and cook, and as a result, domestic pork demand has increased.

Tentinger says as a result of the producer invested check-off program, pork exports have risen, and consumer demand in food services, such as schools and hospitals are higher, along with fast-food, and high-end scale restaurants are featuring more pork-related items as part of their menus.




Iowa Voters Setting Records Already

(Des Moines, IA) — Iowa state officials report more than 783 thousand ballots had already been returned for the 2020 presidential election as of Tuesday morning. That is an increase of 20 percent – or 130 thousand votes – when compared to the 2016 election. The 386 thousand registered Democrats
who have already voted represent a growth of more than 43 percent or 118 thousand more early votes than four years ago. Twenty-three thousand more Republicans have voted early. There are 13 thousand more registered Republicans in Iowa than there are registered Democrats.




Wells Fargo Confirms Reduction In Workforce

(West Des Moines, IA) — Wells Fargo has confirmed it will reduce its workforce. The company is involved in a multi-year effort that includes workforce reductions in nearly all business lines and locations. The California-based company is the largest employer in the Des Moines metro area with about 13-thousand-500 workers. It isn’t clear how many might be affected. A company spokesperson says it is building a stronger, more
efficient company to improve the experience for customers, employees, communities, and shareholders. He says Wells Fargo has been transparent about its plans and has kept its employees informed.




Ames Man Wanted For Murder Turns Himself In

(Ames, IA) — A 19-year-old Ames man who was wanted for murder has turned himself in. Jonathan Thompson is being held in the Story County Jail. He faces charges of attempted murder and first-degree robbery in the October 8th shooting of 20-year-old Devin Lagrone at Brookside Park. Thompson surrendered Sunday. A 16-year-old suspect has also been charged in the
shooting, but his name hasn’t been released.




Colorado Man Jailed For Allegedly Having Sex With Underage Girl

(Des Moines, IA) — Authorities in Polk County say a Colorado man travel to Iowa in January, April, and July to have sex with an underage girl. The 15-year-old victim hasn’t been named. Twenty-three-year-old Charles Gearhart of Colorado Springs was arrested there last week. He has been booked into the
Polk County Jail. Investigators say he had sex with the girl multiple times at hotels in West Des Moines and Clive. Gearhart has been charged with five counts of third-degree sexual abuse in Dallas and Polk counties.