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Thursday Afternoon News, October 29th


Dordt University Political Science Professor Comments On How Supreme Court Nominees Have Become Political And Divisive

(Le Mars) — Earlier this week, the United States Senate confirmed the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for the U-S Supreme Court by a vote of 52-48. With the exception of Maine Senator, Susan Collins, the vote was split along party lines with Republicans voting in favor of Judge Barrett, and each Democratic Senator voting against the supreme court justice nominee. The Senate vote on Barrett’s confirmation basically sums up the feelings with Americans evenly split on the issue. Dordt University Political Science Professor, Jeff Taylor says the supreme court vote is a microcosm of how the nation is divided with political issues. Taylor says with a few exceptions, past supreme court nominees, despite which president would nominate them, would generally be given broad support from Senators on both sides of the aisle.

The Dordt University professor says over the course of time, the U-S Supreme Court has become political.

Taylor says it is an unfortunate situation to see our courts system become political.




Biden Plans Drive-In Campaign Event in Des Moines Friday

(Des Moines, IA) — Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is holding a drive-in campaign event Friday afternoon in Des Moines. It will be the former vice president’s first appearance in the state since the Iowa Caucuses. The Biden campaign has yet to announce the specific time and location, and whether it will be open to the public. Vice President Mike Pence is hosting a Trump campaign rally at 1:30 this afternoon (Thursday) at the Des Moines Airport. Pence is expected to talk about job numbers and faith. The vice president hit the campaign trail this week after his chief of staff tested positive for COVID-19 last weekend. Pence says he has tested negative. Republican Senator Joni Ernst will join Pence at the event.




White House Report: Nearly All Iowa Counties Have High to Moderate COVID Transmission

(Des Moines, IA) — This week’s White House Coronavirus Task Force report on Iowa concludes nearly all of Iowa’s counties have moderate to high transmission of COVID. The state set another record for hospitalizations Wednesday night with 605 coronavirus patients reported in Iowa hospitals. University of Iowa internal medicine and epidemiology professor Eli Perencevich says “the biggest concern is we’re going to see more deaths as hospitals get overwhelmed.” Perencevich notes that health care workers are burning out. He said, “even if you have beds, but you don’t have enough staff, staff start getting sick, too, as we just let the virus spread.” Governor Reynolds said last week that Iowa hospital administrators had assured her they can handle the increasing number of COVID patients.




Iowa DHS Takes 47th Safe Haven Baby Into Custody

(Des Moines, IA) — The Iowa Department of Human Services says it used the state’s Safe Haven Law for the 47th time. Officials say a baby girl born October 12th was released to the custody of D-H-S. The location of the birth and other information are not released to protect the family’s identity. The law allows parents to leave infants 30 days or younger at a hospital or clinic without fear of prosecution. D-H-S spokeswoman Janee Harvey says the purpose is to protect the lives of newborns who are in danger of abandonment. The law was passed after a teen mother in eastern Iowa killed her home-delivered infant in 2001.




Southeast Polk High School Teacher Charged With Sexually Abusing Student

(Pleasant Hill, IA) — A Southeast Polk High School teacher is accused of sexually abusing a 15-year-old student. Thirty-nine-year-old Abraham Smith was booked in jail this morning (Thursday) for third-degree sexual abuse and sexual exploitation by a school employee. The criminal complaint alleges that Smith sexually abused a 15-year-old female student on two occasions this month. The victim told police one incident happened while star gazing at Yellow Banks County Park and the other was at the victim’s home in Altoona. Smith is a science teacher at the school.




Local Game Warden Reminds Hunters To Follow Rules And To Be Safe During Pheasant Hunting Season

(Le Mars) — Pheasant hunting season begins on Saturday, and a local game warden with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says there should be plenty of birds. Chad Morrow serves Plymouth and Cherokee counties and says the pheasant population for the northwestern counties maybe slightly higher from past years.

Morrow says the Iowa DNR has seen an increase in the number of pheasant hunting licenses issued for this year.

He says it is important for hunters to wear orange colored clothing.

The game warden reviews some of the rules, regulations, and other considerations hunters need to remember when hunting.

Morrow says only the male pheasant, or roosters, can be shot and bagged. He says if hunting with a group it is a good idea for hunters to shout to their colleagues as to whether the bird is a rooster or a hen. He says the roosters are easily identified with red and black head, along with a white ring around the neck. Morrow says three pheasants are the daily limit for each individual hunter. Morrow says hunters need to ask permission of the landowner or farmer before hunting, and always respect the posted “No Hunting” or “No Trespassing” signs.

(pheasant photos courtesy of Don Poggensee Photography)