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Saturday News, October 31st


Ernst Holds Political Rally At Le Mars

(Le Mars) — U-S Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa rolled into Le Mars with her blue Winnebago R-V to hold a political rally. More than 50 people gathered inside the Brown’s Century Theater to show support for Ernst, and to listen to Ernst, and her colleagues, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Iowa’s other Republican Senator, Chuck Grassley, along with Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds. The political crew are campaigning to as they say “set the record straight.” Governor Reynolds was the first to address the enthusiastic crowd.

Reynolds told the gathering that Senator Joni Ernst has fought for Iowans and has been a tireless advocate for Iowans and Iowa values. Reynolds then took a jab at the Democratic challenger, Theresa Greenfield, who has not made personal visits to nearly half of Iowa.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz was the next to speak. Cruz reminded the audience that only the states of Texas and Iowa have both senators serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Cruz serves with Ernst on both the Senate Arms Committee as well as the Senate Judiciary Committee. Cruz spelled out what is at stake if the Democrats win Iowa’s Senate race, and win the majority of the Senate.

Cruz then continued to paint a picture of how the government will look if Democrats have control in all aspects of the administration and both chambers of Congress, the House and the Senate.

Cruz also mentioned that if Democrats win Iowa, then they will proceed with actions to “pack the U-S Supreme Court” by adding four more justices to the already nine justices that serve the nation’s highest court. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who serves as the Senate’s longest serving senator, and has the title of Senate Pro-Tem says he is upset over the many lies that have been told during the television ads that tear down Ernst, and try to build up Greenfield.

Grassley told of other lies that the Democrats have communicated through false television ads.

Following Senator Grassley’s comments, Joni Ernst then delivered her message. Ernst mentioned that Greenfield says she hasn’t accepted any Political Action Committee donations. However, the Republican Senator informed the group that when the election will be finished, more than $200 million dollars would have been spent in Iowa on political advertising, making it the second most expensive campaign in the nation. Ernst told the strong Republican gathering that most of the money directed for Greenfield’s campaign is from outside the state of Iowa.

Ernst then told the crowd of the top three cities that have contributed to the Greenfield campaign.

The third city with the most contributions to the Greenfield campaign, according to Ernst, is our nation’s capital, inside the Beltway of Washington D.C.

Following Le Mars, the Ernst “Fighting for Iowa R-V tour” traveled north on Highway 75 to another rally at Sioux Center.




Schools Having Difficulty In Obtaining Substitute Teachers

(Le Mars) — Finding substitute teachers can be difficult under normal circumstances, but when you add the coronavirus to the equation, school officials say it has become even more difficulty to get suitable substitutes. Des Moines Public Schools have needed to resort to offering more money, along with bonus incentives to attract substitute teachers. Le Mars Community School Superintendent, Dr. Steve Webner says he is short-handed when it comes to substitute teachers.

Webner says school officials have needed to become more creative in filling a teacher position.

Despite the fact Plymouth County and other northwest Iowa counties and communities have witnessed an increase of postive COVID-19 cases, Webner says the school has been able to contain and control the spread of coronavirus within the school district.

Another method Le Mars Community schools have adopted to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus is to limit the number of spectators attending a game or other school sponsored event. The Le Mars Community school superintendent says it is very likely that provision will continue on into the late autumn and winter months activities.




Odd/Even Parking To Begin On November 1st

(Le Mars) — Beginning Sunday, the Le Mars Police Department will start enforcing the odd/even parking ordinance. Regardless whether or not there is any snow or ice on the streets, vehicles are to follow the parking requirements. On odd numbered days of the calendar, vehicles are to be parked on the odd side of the street, and on even numbered days, parking your vehicle will need to be on the even side of the street. Residents need to have their vehicles parked for the appropriate side after 6:00 p.m.