Is This Actually November…?


(Le Mars) — With temperatures reaching the 70’s during the last few days, and with people walking around wearing shorts with no coats or jackets, and children playing outdoors, some people are wondering if we are actually in the month of November? Last week’s three inch snow is now a distant
memory, partly because all the snow has since melted, and because of our unusual warm temperatures. Jeff Chapman is a meteorologist with the National Weather Services at Sioux Falls. Chapman says enjoy the weather now, while we can.

Chapman says weather front is expected to move into the area late Sunday evening and into Monday which should bring with it some rain, and cooler temperatures.

The National Weather Services official says the predicted winds for the weekend could reach a peak gusts of up to at least 35 mph, making for a high fire danger for the region.

Chapman says conditions throughout the northwest Iowa region are extremely dry, despite having snow last week. Chapman says the eight to 14 day forecast is not calling for any extremes.

Chapman says with the development of the La Nina in the Pacific Ocean usually means colder temperatures for the winter.

Ironically, Thursday was National Winter Weather Awareness Day. Chapman says now is the time to pack a survivor’s kit for your vehicle for when winter does strike.