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Monday Afternoon News, November 9th


Quilts of Valor Program Gives Six Local Veterans Patriotic-themed Quilts

(Le Mars) — A presentation of six patriotic-themed quilts were given to six local veterans Sunday at the St. John’s Lutheran Church. It was all part of the “Quilts of Valor” program. For the last month, those quilts were on display at various financial institutions in both Le Mars and Remsen. Ginny Freyermuth of Le Mars explains how the “Quilts of Valor” program got its

Pictured: (left to right) Ervin Ahlers (son received the quilt on behalf of Ervin), Tom Augustine, Dick Kirchoff, Ginny Freyermuth, Regan Feller, and Terry Plooster

(photo courtesy of Gwen Hart)

The quilts were draped over the shoulders of the veterans. One requirement of the “Quilts of Valor” program is the quilt is to be presented to a living veteran. Those veterans that received a quilt from the “Quilts of Valor”
included: Le Mars mayor Dick Kirchoff, Tom Augustine, Regan Feller, Ervin Ahlers, Terry Plooster, and William Thompson. In addition to the presentation of the quilts, a flag dedication ceremony was also held at St. John’s Lutheran Church. The flag that was flying was in honor of U-S Army Veteran, Specialist 4, Ed Utesch. The new flag that was raised and will be flying is honoring U-S Air Force Veteran, Sgt. Larry Peterson of the 3800th Air Force Wing, and now a resident of Le Mars.




Gehlen Catholic Cancels Veterans Day Program

(Le Mars) — Veterans Day is Wednesday, and normally Gehlen Catholic school would feature a presentation. The much anticipated and enjoyable Veterans Day Program at Gehlen Catholic has been cancelled this year, due to the COVID-19
virus, but that won’t stop Gehlen Catholic students and staff from recognizing Veterans and their sacrifices to the United States of America.

Alissa Schipper, Director of Campus Ministry, says, “Instead of inviting people in our school to participate in the celebration, we are sending the celebration out into our Le Mars community and overseas.”

Schipper says, “Some of the things our students have been doing include letter writing, art projects and making videos. These will be used to reach out to the Veterans in our community and those currently in active duty. We want them to know we are thinking of and praying for them.”

It remains important for the student body of Gehlen Catholic to thank all Veterans for their service and to give honor and respect to them.

“In the past, the Veterans Day celebration included all grade levels in the school and that continues to be our goal for our celebrations and outreach this year,” according to Schipper.




Remsen St. Mary’s Will Hold Veterans Day Program On Friday

(Remsen) — Remsen St. Mary’s will hold a Veterans Day program scheduled for Friday, November 13th. The program will be held at the St. Mary’s Catholic Church and will begin at 8:15 a.m.




Accused Triple Murderer From Chicago Arrested In Burlington

(Burlington, IA) — A 25-year-old Chicago man is held without bond after being accused of killing his girlfriend, her mother and her sister. John Matthews was taken into custody in Burlington last week. Cook County investigators say they have a statement by the girlfriend, videotaped before she died, identifying Matthews as the shooter. The suspect’s grandmother also tied him to the deaths of 24-year-old Shonta Harris, 56-year-old Frances Neal, and 27-year-old Jasmine Neal. Matthews was reportedly angered when Harris refused to cook him breakfast and braid his hair.




Council Bluffs Man Sentenced To 25 Years For Sexual Assaults

(Council Bluffs, IA) — A Council Bluffs man has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for sexually assaulting two victims. Forty-year-old Richard Siemer Junior pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual abuse in an agreement with Pottawattamie County prosecutors. Both incidents happened last year when
Siemer invited women he worked with to his apartment and attacked them during the visit. Prosecutors say he had been convicted of sexual assault three times previously. Siemer will have to register as a sex offender when he gets out of prison.




Sounding Of Muscatine Storms Sirens Was Accidental

(Muscatine, IA) — Officials in Muscatine County say the sounding of storm sirens Sunday was an accident. They say the Outdoor Warning System was triggered by a mechanical failure. There was no severe storm activity at the time. Most of Iowa is going to see the return of fall weather over the coming week. Temperatures will range today (Monday) from the 60s in
northeast Iowa to the mid-70s in the Quad Cities. Tuesday will bring some rainfall, with highs ranging from the mid-30s to the 40s.




Unusually Warm Weather Creates Eerie Phenomenon Of Spider Webs In Central Iowa

(Ames, IA) — An entomologist at Iowa State University says the unusually warm weather experienced in recent weeks is causing those wide-ranging spider webs people are seeing. I-S-U professor Donald Lewis says the spider eggs normally hatch in the spring and each egg can have several hundred baby
spiders. Lewis says the spiders do something called “ballooning” when they are hatched – creating a long, single strand of silk that floats in the air, lifting them when a breeze hits and dropping them somewhere else. He says the spiders won’t bite and most of them will die quickly, ending the temporary phenomenon.