Oetken To Become Lyon County Attorney


(Le Mars) — For the past 23 years, Amy Oetken of Le Mars, has served the people of Plymouth County as the Assistant County Attorney. However, beginning December 1st, Oetken will leave Plymouth County to assume new duties as the Lyon County Attorney at Rock Rapids.

Oetken says she applied for the position after the Lyon County Attorney was appointed to become a District Court Judge.

Oetken says she is filling the two-year vacant term of the former Lyon County Attorney, and in two years will run as a candidate seeking the office of Lyon County Attorney. Oetken says she will be moving to Lyon County as the requirements do ask that she is a Lyon County resident. Oetken says she is looking forward to her new position, and has nothing but great admiration for
her peers and colleague, Darren Raymond in the Plymouth County Attorney’s office.

When asked about which court cases she will long remember, Oetken replied by saying it is not necessarily the high profile cases that she will recall, but rather those court cases that made a difference in people’s lives.

She continues to recall some of her more memorable court cases.

The new Lyon County Attorney says since the Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice has suspended all jury trials until at least February 1st, due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, it will give her a little more time to review pending cases and be better familiar with the Lyon County court system.