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Tuesday Afternoon News, December 15th


Highway 75 Paving Construction Project Is Now Completed

(Hinton) — The reconstruction paving project on U-S Highway 75 between Sioux City and Hinton from county road C-80 and C-60 is now completed. Traffic will be shifted on to the new southbound lanes beginning this afternoon today. Dakin Schultz with the Iowa D-O-T says it is good news for those motorists that commute between Le Mars and Sioux City and for any motorists that uses Highway 75.

Schultz says the highway paving project cost an estimated $14 million dollars. The D-O-T official says there isn’t any other work slated for Highway 75 between Le Mars and Sioux City for a couple of years.




Le Mars Community School Administrators Report Few Problems With Students Adjusting To COVID-19 Virus Mitigation Efforts

(Le Mars) — The school board heard reports from the district’s elementary and middle school principals during Monday evening’s meeting. At which time, board members asked the principals if the students were easily adapting to the COVID-19 restrictions? From that discussion, Dr. Steve Webner informed
the school board of information related to him by Plymouth County Community Health Services Director, Tara Geddes.

Scott Parry, the principal for Kluckhohn Elementary says on occasion, he needs to remind students to wear their mask.

Neil Utesch serves as the principal for both Clark and Franklin elementary schools. He says due to the distancing and gathering requirements, they have had to modify their lunch program.

All of the school’s principals say the students had adapted well to the virus mitigation protocols.




Grassley Is Hopeful A COVID-19 Relief Bill Can Pass Before Scheduled Adjournment

(Washington) — Time is running out on Congress to pass a second COVID-19 Relief Bill before the scheduled adjournment which is this Friday, December 18th. U-S Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa told reporters today (Tuesday) during his weekly news conference that a compromise is close, and
he is hopeful an agreement can be reached, but he says two major issues still stand in the way of an agreement.

Grassley says Iowa has proven to be fiscally responsible as we have a surplus of revenue funds. But Grassley offered an example from Senator Scott of Florida as to why the federal government is shy of sending money to states.

The Iowa Republican then shared with reporters those issues pertaining to a COVID virus relief bill that do have bi-partisan support.

Grassley says there could be a bi-partisan agreement either including the two contentious issues, or without the two stale-mate issues.




Grassley Says He Will Get Vaccinated For COVID-19 Virus

(Washington) — Saying he has full confidence in the researchers that developed the coronavirus vaccine, U-S Senator Chuck Grassley informed news reporters during his weekly media conference call on Tuesday, that he fully intends to get vaccinated when it becomes his turn to do so.

Only a couple of weeks ago, the Iowa Republican had tested positive with the COVID-19 virus, but never suffered from any of the symptoms.  Grassley says he was pleased when the Food and Drug Administration had given the green light to Pfizer pharmaceutical company to begin distributing the vaccine.  The FDA is expected to act accordingly in a similar manner for Maderna Pharmaceutical Company.