Christian Needs Center Thanks The Scheitler Family And The Community


On behalf of the Christian Needs Center, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thank you and deepest gratitude to the Scheitler family who through countless hours of preparation, delivered a wonderful experience for thousands of people during this beautiful Christmas season. Their display of lights as well as music, treats and a cozy bonfire made for a truly magical experience for many. Through their efforts, the generous donations from the spectators were paid forward to the Christian Needs Center. This was a true Godsend especially this year when food drives were few due to Covid 19. A large amount of food had to be purchased this year from local grocery stores to fill the needs of those less fortunate. In addition, this generous gift assists the Center with monthly operating expenses. We are so appreciative to our community for the wonderful support we have had in the 33 years we have been in existence. You are the heart of Jesus and we are the Hands, working together for the greater good. Many, many thanks!

-Steve Kolker, Chairman of the Board – Christian Needs Center

Through contributions made by visitors to Christmas Acres, Rob Scheitler in January presented a check for more than $40,000 to Christian Needs Center.