Governor Reynolds Receives Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine


(Des Moines) — In an effort to encourage all Iowans to get a COVID-19 vaccination, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, along with her husband Kevin Reynolds, and Iowa Department of Human Services director Kelly Garcia all received their vaccination shot Wednesday morning during the governor’s news media conference. Johnson and Johnson was recently given approval to
distribute its COVID-19 vaccine. Unlike Pfizer and Mederna, Johnson and Johnson is a one-time vaccination. Reporters asked why the governor chose today to get her Johnson and Johnson vaccination, when the vaccine from both Pfizer and Mederna have been available for several weeks.

The governor then expanded on her remarks about wanting to wait until the healthcare workers were vaccinated first, since there were limited amounts of supply of the vaccine.

Reynolds says she has confidence in the one-time Johnson and Johnson vaccine, and she believes with three vaccines now on the market, more people will have the opportunity to get vaccinated. After people get vaccinated they are encouraged to wait at least 15 minutes as part of an observation period to
see if any reaction effects take place. Reynolds was asked how she was feeling following her vaccination shot.

Reynolds told reporters that her administration staff is working with local pharmacies, and federal officials to make certain the vaccines are widely distributed and that all eligible people will be able to get their COVID-19 vaccination.

Iowa has been allocated an initial total of 25,600 doses of the Johnson and Johnson coronavirus vaccine.

(photos courtesy of Governor’s office.)