Plymouth County To Receive In Excess Of $4.8 Million From COVID Relief Fund


(Le Mars) — Plymouth County is about to get a windfall of money allocated by the federal government through the latest $1.9 Trillion Dollar COVID-19 Relief Bill that was passed by Congress and signed by President Joe Biden.
The amount due to the county is in excess of $4.8 million dollars. However, as Plymouth County Board of Supervisors chairman Don Kass explains, there are limited ways the county can utilize the funds. Kass says the money needs to go towards specific COVID-19 directed purposes.

Kass says the county did not encounter any additional expenditures associated with the pandemic.
The county board chairman says there was a time for nearly six weeks in which the county courthouse and county offices were closed because of the COVID-19 virus, but employees were still getting paid during the shut-down.

The county supervisors chairman believes it is a mistake on behalf of the Democratic controlled Congress and the Biden Administration to allocate the enormous amounts of money to counties, that simply don’t need it, and with limited ways to utilize the funds. The question was asked of Kass what will the county do with the $4.8 million dollars?

Kass says the whole process is de-valuating the U-S currency.


Plymouth County is due to receive the COVID relief funds within 30 days.