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Monday Afternoon News, March 29th


Police Submit Additional Information On Morning Traffic Accident

(Le Mars) — Shortly before 8:00 a.m. this Monday morning, emergency rescue units were sent to the intersection of 1st Avenue Northwest and Second Street Northwest near the St. John’s Lutheran Church for a two-vehicle accident.
According to the Le Mars Police Department Traffic Accident Report, Nancy Hasenbank was heading east bound on 2nd Street Northwest approaching the intersection driving a 2012 Chevy Traverse. Hasenbank stated she did not see the Dodge pickup truck heading southbound on 1st Avenue Northwest being
driven by Richard Schietzelt. Police officers indicated in the traffic
report the sun was bright, low in the clear sky, causing issues for east bound traffic. Hasenbank says the sun was blinding her. Hasenbank’s front bumper struck Schietzelt’s rear quarter panel. The pickup truck lost traction on what was a sandy surface and spun. As a result of the collision, the Dodge pickup truck rolled over on the driver’s side. Firefighters from the Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department used their “Jaws of Life” to extricate Schietzelt from the pickup truck. Officials with the Le Mars Police Department indicate all the victims from both vehicles suffered only minor injuries. Schietzelt was cited for failing to yield to the vehicle on the right at an uncontrolled intersection. The contents from the pickup truck’s cargo box were scattered as a result of the accident. Responding to the early morning accident were
the Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department, Le Mars Ambulance Services, Le Mars Police Department, and Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office.




Farmers Have Reason To Be Optimistic With Grain And Livestock Markets

(Sioux Center) — Farmers were given a message of optimism by a commodity markets analyst during last week’s Appreciation of Agriculture event held at Sioux Center. Joe Kerns of Partners for Production Agriculture, based in Ames, Iowa, was the featured speaker. He says for the last few years corn prices have remained fairly stable and the factors affecting the price of
corn have also been stable.

Joe Kerns of Partners For Production Agriculture (right) stands with Barb Den Herder of the Sioux Center Chamber of Commerce.  Kerns was the key-note speaker at an Appreciation for Agriculture event held last Thursday at Sioux Center.

Kerns says farmers have reasons to be optimistic for both grain and livestock markets. He says agriculture is entering a new era of a price-level stage of which have never before been experienced. Kerns says China has entered the marketplace on a large scale demand basis.

Kerns says the same story can be told about the soybean market. Kerns says there is a large demand for additional soy products by the Chinese that U-S farmers will need to swap some acres that traditionally are used to grow other crops, and instead grow additional acres of soybeans. Kerns says he
doesn’t see the Midwest farmers making much of a change, but rather the Dixie southern farmers. He says wheat and perhaps cotton acres may be reduced, to make up for the anticipated demand for soybeans. Kerns says the carry-over stocks for soybeans are low, and we could see the U-S supply of soybeans run out before the start of the autumn harvest.

Kerns was equally optimistic about livestock futures prices. We will hear his comments regarding the outlook for livestock during tomorrow’s news update.




Coralville Man Sentenced For 2020 Bank Robbery

(Davenport, IA) — A Coralville man has been sentenced to 70 months in prison for a bank robbery last year. Sixty-year-old Aquinas Lenell Jackson Senior is accused of entering the U-S Bank in Coralville March 4th, using threats and intimidation to get 43-hundred dollars from a bank teller. The case was investigated by Coralville police and the F-B-I. The U-S Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Iowa handled the prosecution. Jackson will be on supervised release for three years after he gets out of prison.




Assistance For Rent & Mortgage Payments Available In Iowa

(Des Moines, IA) — Two Iowa state programs have opened today (Monday) to help people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Iowans can apply for help with their rent and mortgage payments. The Iowa Rent and Utility Assistance
Program helps eligible renters with rent and utility bills for up to 12 months. The Iowa Homeowner Foreclosure Prevention Program can provide assistance on mortgage payments for up to four months.




Poll: Iowans Favor Students Using Bathrooms By Their Birth-Assigned Gender

(Des Moines, IA) — A poll finds 47-percent of Iowans would favor a rule requiring students to use the bathrooms that correspond with their birth-assigned gender. The Des Moines Register-Mediacom poll finds 42-percent oppose the requirement. Poll-takers sampled 775 Iowans 18 years of age or
older. The poll results fall along political lines, with 80-percent of
Republicans in favor of such a restriction and 15-percent of Democrats.
Legislative Republicans introduced a bill this legislative session requiring Iowa students to use bathrooms that correspond with the sex listed on their birth certificate. The bill made it through a Senate subcommittee but was allowed to die.




One Week Later, Mulch Pile Still Smoldering In Hiawatha

(Hiawatha, IA) — Ten days after it caught fire, a big mulch pile in Hiawatha is still smoldering. Locals say it is made up of debris from the August derecho. Neighbors say they call it “Mulch Mountain.” They say they’ve never seen any flames by the smoldering is “pretty bad” some days.
Hiawatha fire officials call it a “deep-seated” fire that likely
spontaneously combusted. The Department of Iowa Public Health Air Quality and the Department of Natural Resources are said to be monitoring the situation. The debris pile is said to be one of several in Linn County.