Demand For Bicycles Is High, But Supply Is Short


(Le Mars) — With spring comes warmer weather, and the desire to enjoy the outdoors, which means an interest in bicycles. Le Mars will be hosting the upcoming Des Moines Register’s RAGBRAI bicycle ride scheduled to begin on Sunday, July 25th.  One local bike shop owner says since the annual cross-state bicycle ride starts in Le Mars there are several community people taking an interest to riding bicycles. Kevin Richards owns and operates Bike Central, a bicycle sales and service shop located in Le Mars. Richards says anytime the annual bike ride starts in northwest Iowa there is generally an increase level of interest by local residents to either purchase a bicycle, or have their existing bicycle serviced.

Richards says last year they realized that bicycles would be in short supply heading into this year, and in anticipation, Richards says he ordered a surplus of bicycle parts.

The Bike Central shop owner says the majority of bicycles come from southeast Asia. He says the shortage is due in part to the global spread of the COVID virus.

Richards says bicycle manufacturers are holding off on production of bikes, and parts just to see what happens next. He says it may be several months before a bicycle will be delivered.

Richards talks about the type of bicycles that are in high demand.

Richards suggests if you have an interest in participating either in part, or the entire ride of RAGBRAI, it is important to get your bicycle ready and in tune for the long ride.