Fox And Nussbaum Honored With Spirit Of Gehlen Award


(Le Mars) — Gehlen Catholic held its annual fund raising ball Saturday, and although the event was held virtually, the announcement of the Spirit of Peter J. and Catherine Gehlen award was made. Because of the COVID virus, there was
no announcement made last year, so Gehlen Catholic officials named both the 2020, as well as the 2021 recipients. The 2020 Spirit of Peter and Catherine Gehlen Award was presented to Mrs. Lorie Nussbaum. Nussbaum is currently the
Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade principal and is scheduled to retire this year after 42 years at Gehlen Catholic School. Every day, Mrs. Nussbaum goes the extra mile and brings leadership and positivity to her students and staff.

The 2021 Spirit of Peter and Catherine Gehlen Award has been presented to Mr. Rick Fox. Mr. Fox retired from teaching this past year after 43 years in the school system. He currently still coaches the Junior High girls track team.
He is known for teaching life skills to students in the classroom and through athletics. The combined years of service between Nussbaum and Fox amount to 85 years at Gehlen Catholic School. Their dedication to Jesus and to Gehlen Catholic schools is a testimony of who these two individuals are.

The Gehlen Catholic Ball and auction was able to raise more than $239,000 for the Catholic school.