Lawmakers Remain At Stalemate Over Mental Health Services


(Des Moines) — State legislators are still at a stalemate on the proposed property tax reform bill which would alter the way mental health services are funded. Iowa is the only state to fund mental health through the collection of property taxes. Governor Kim Reynolds and the State Senate would like to see a plan which the state would take over the control of the mental health
services. The State House of Representatives would like to see some reform of the property taxes, but they would like to see the funding and the control of the mental health services remain with the counties on the existing regional system. State House Representative Dr. Tom Jeneary of Le Mars says the difference is the devil in the details.

The Iowa legislature was to have adjourned on April 30th, but Jeneary believes they will remain in session until such time this major issue is resolved.

Last week, Governor Kim Reynolds announced during her weekly news conference, that she has offered a proposed compromise to the Iowa legislature regarding the property tax reform and mental health funding. State Representative Jeneary says lawmakers are moving in the right direction, and he believes the
governor’s proposal may assist in reaching a suitable compromise between the Senate and the House.

Legislative leaders are meeting in attempts to reach a suitable compromise, and to finally adjourn the session.