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Monday Afternoon News, July 5th


Health Official Warn Against Heat Exhaustion And Heat Stroke During Hot Temperatures

(Le Mars) — The weather forecast for this Monday is calling for temperatures to reach the upper 90’s and triple-digit heat index. Health officials are telling people to be prepared for the heat. From an interview conducted two
years ago, Mary Jo Clark, the Emergency Room Manager at Floyd Valley Healthcare in Le Mars, says people may be more prone to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, especially since our bodies have not yet been accustomed to the high heat levels.

Clark says in order to beat the heat, and avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke, you will need to consume a lot of fluids. She says sports drinks are fine, but water is best.

The nursing supervisor says to take frequent breaks and to try to stay out of the direct sunlight during the peak afternoon hours. She says the type of clothing you wear can also help prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Today’s weather forecast is calling for a high temperature of 97 degrees with a heat index of 104.




Iowa Senior Citizens Are Among Those That Are Often Not Isolated

(Des Moines) — A report by the United Health Foundation says Iowa’s senior citizens are at low risk for social isolation compared to the rest of the nation. It says Iowa’s 65-plus population has the sixth highest rate of volunteerism in the country and ranks seventh for low risk of social isolation. Rhonda Randall, chief medical officer with United Healthcare, says the rankings are based on pre-pandemic data so some may dramatically shift next year.

The figures on social isolation are important, Randall says, as they point to other potential trouble spots.

The report also found Iowa’s seniors have high rates of obesity, as well as less access to geriatric health care professionals and high speed internet as compared to other states.




Iowa DNR Investigates Deaths Of 2 People Found In Car

(Palo, IA) — The Iowa D-N-R is still investigating the details of the deaths of two people found in a car last Friday night at the Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area. The D-N-R says news release, a park ranger discovered the bodies of the man and woman during a routine patrol of the park northwest of Cedar Rapids. The D-N-R does says they believe this is an isolated incident and do not believe the public is in any danger. The park remains open to visitors.




DNR Says Lake Aqhuabi Will Be Drained

(Indianola, IA) — The Department of Natural Resources says it will take several weeks to drain Lake Aqhuabi near Indianola. That will be the first step in a six-million-dollar renovation project at the lake. Shallow areas are one thing that could be fixed by the plan. A D-N-R spokesperson says the project will try to turn a lot of the water five-to-six feet deep in more than 10 feet of water. The renovation is also aimed at getting a handle on algae blooms and getting rid of invasive fish species like gizzard shad fish. Lake Aqhuabi will be restocked with bluegills, crappie, and bass. The plan is to start refilling the lake by spring 2023.




Iowa State Patrol Tells Motorists To Drive Safety During Last Day Of Extended Holiday Weekend

(Des Moines, IA) — Iowa State Patrol spokesman, Sergeant Alex Dinkla, asks everyone to be sure the long weekend does not end on a bad note by driving safely. Trooper Dinkla says the state continues to have “a major problem with people speeding” despite an emphasis on the issue. Dinkla says you should be responsible and find that designated driver if you have been drinking. Trooper Dinkla says wearing your seatbelt is important to keep you and your family safe if something were to happen on the roadways.




Newton Invests $47M Converting Maytag Buildings Into Apartments

(Newton, IA) — The city of Newton is investing 47 million dollars into converting the old Maytag buildings into apartments. Local officials say the long-term goal is to continue to build up the downtown area – hoping to attract more people to invest in the community, but also to visit. The Newton Legacy Reinvestment District is also planning a new hotel and improvements to the Des Moines Area Community College campus. The district expects to generate about 21 million dollars in revenue over a 20-year period.