Crazy Days Has Arrived In Le Mars


(Le Mars) — Crazy Days for Le Mars is going on now and will continue through Saturday. With the crazy days, shoppers will be assured of getting several discounts and bargains on their merchandise. Michelle Bomgaars with Piece of Cake is a committee member for Crazy Days. She offers an overview of the Crazy Days event.

Bomgaars says the Crazy Days has been around for only a few years, yet the event has grown substantially.

Crazy days is designed to stimulate shopping, as many small businesses and vendors will offer bargains on their sales.

Bomgaars says at present time more than 70 vendors have committed to being in Le Mars and located on Central Avenue selling their wares. However, the Crazy Days organizer says vendors are still asking if they can be included?

Bomgaars says Crazy Days will continue, rain or shine.

(photos are from the 2020 Crazy Days event.)