Andersons Awarded “Friend Of Wet Nose Animal Rescue Organization” Honor


(Le Mars) — Wet Nose Animal Rescue organization presented its “Friend of the Organization” award Thursday evening. Jim and Roxie Anderson were presented the honor for this year. This is the second time for the award, with the inaugural award presented last year to Le Mars Veterinarian Dr. John Conley. The
Andersons hosted a fund raiser garden party Thursday evening for the animal rescue organization. Roxie Anderson says she was surprised by the honor.

The Andersons own a few cats and they appreciate animals. Jim Anderson tells of their love for animals and their thoughts towards the local start-up animal rescue organization.

Nearly 30 people had attended Thursday evening’s garden party with many sharing their compliments to the Andersons for having a wonderful, and colorful, expansive flower garden with many different types of flowers. Jim talks of their interest in growing a flower garden.

The Andersons took the opportunity to place signs in their garden to help visitors identify the various plants. Roxie says there are more than 50 different types of flowering plants, and she names her favorite.

The Andersons not only have a large flower garden, but they also have a vegetable garden complete with tomatoes, beans, and other various types of produce. Both Jim and Roxie are retired, and they say they spend several hours of the spring and summer within the gardens, pruning, weeding, and watering the gardens. Jim says they irrigate their gardens at least twice a week.

Roxie says they have various types of plants that bloom at different times of the year through the spring and summer months and into the early autumn months.

The Andersons say they store many of their annuals and perennials over the winter in a heated shed near their gardens, ready for planting the next coming spring.