Sioux Center To Dedicate New Fire Station


(Sioux Center) — Dedication ceremonies along with an open house are scheduled for this afternoon (Thursday) for the new Sioux Center Fire Station.  Fire Chief Dave Van Holland talks about the open house hours, and says tours will be given to the public to view the new fire station number two.

The new fire station is located along Highway 75 on the south side of town across the highway from the Hy-Vee supermarket and Walmart.  Van Holland says the town of Sioux Center needed a second fire station since the community had been growing in recent years.

The Sioux Center Fire Chief says the community’s station number one will remain as the primary fire station.  However, he says more of the training will occur at the new fire station number two.

Van Holland says fire station number two is a near replica of station one.  He says the new facility has 7200 square feet, with a large wash bay capable of washing the fire hose and apparatus trucks inside.

Van Holland says the new station has a separate turn-out equipment room, which will keep the turn-out gear clean and dry.  Chief Van Holland says the new fire station will house both a city engine company, as well as a rural engine company, and a rescue vehicle.


Van Holland says the glass-front building was constructed at a cost of $1.3 million dollars.  Anyone driving past the new fire station can’t help but notice an old 1931 fire truck is being showcased.  Van Holland says station number two will feature a fire department museum with the old engine as the center of attraction.

Sioux Center has 40 volunteer members as part of their community fire and rescue department.