Turkey Federation Official Sets The Record Straight On Turkey


(Le Mars) — Turkey is often times the centerpiece to any Thanksgiving meal.  However, there has been some misinformation regarding the value and supply, and even the nutritious benefits of turkey.  Greta Irwin serves as the executive director with the Iowa Turkey Federation.  She says despite some talk about turkeys being in short supply this year, consumers should not encounter any problems with finding a turkey for the holidays.

There has been some misinformation by the Federal Reserve as to the nutrition of turkey compared to a soy-based tofu substitute product.  However, economists at the Iowa Farm Bureau have been able to disprove the claims.  Irwin says turkey meat is often times a better deal than any substitute food product.

Irwin says Iowa raises about 12 million head of turkeys a year, and ranks 7th in the nation for turkey production, and 5th in the nation for turkey processing.  She says our neighbors to the north in Minnesota is first in the nation with turkey production, and our friends to the south at Missouri ranks fifth in the nation for turkey production. Irwin says thanks to the many fast-food deli restaurants, turkey consumption has risen during the last few years.

The Iowa Turkey Federation official says there are several considerations to remember when preparing and cooking turkey.

Irwin says to make certain you cook your turkey with an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees.  She says for additional ideas and recipes of turkey when you have left-overs, turn to the Iowa Turkey Federation.org website.