County Supervisors Send Letter To Iowa Utilities Board Requesting “Thumbs Down” On Eminent Domain For CO2 Pipelines


(Le Mars) — The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors met on Monday for the re-organization meeting.  Don Kass of rural Remsen was elected as the chairman of the County Supervisors.  This mark’s Kass’ fifth year to serve as chairman of the county governing board.  Craig Anderson was elected to serve as vice chairman.  Like Kass, Anderson is beginning his fifth year as the vice chairman.  The county board approved several positions to serve on various county committees and boards.   One of the issues that was acted upon was a letter the supervisors drafted for the Iowa Utilities Board.  Plymouth County board of supervisors are following the lead of both Dickinson County and Kossuth County in requesting the Iowa Board of Utilities not to allow for eminent domain to occur for the placement of two proposed carbon-dioxide pipelines that are planned to cross Plymouth County.  Chairman Don Kass explains the supervisors position.

Kass says the letter addresses both proposed pipelines.  Kass further explains why the supervisors are opposed to the use of eminent domain for the pipelines.

Supervisor Kass believes other counties may follow suit in the lead of Plymouth, Dickinson, and Kossuth Counties by requesting the Iowa Utilities Board not to grant permission for eminent domain for the proposed pipelines.

Kass says he thinks the Iowa Utilities Board may act on the pipelines request by the end of January.


Letter written to the Iowa Utilities Board

January 11, 2022


Iowa Utilities Board

1375 East Court Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0069

Dear Board Members,

The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors would like to express their opposition to the issuing of permits establishing the application of eminent domain for both the Summit Carbon Solutions, and the Navigator Heartland Greenway CO2 pipeline projects.

While we note the many concerns expressed by our citizens regarding the safety of these pipelines, our opposition to these projects lie with the fact that projects of this nature are not public utilities, and should not receive eminent domain status.  Unlike natural gas pipelines, fuel pipelines, and electrical transmission lines, CO2 pipelines serve no public purpose or utility.  The only reason for the existence of these two projects is for the profit motives of their respective investors, many of whom are foreign, including large sums from the People’s Republic of China, among other entities.  In no way, shape, matter, or form do CO2 pipelines serve our people, our communities, or our overall economy.  The precedent set by the granting of eminent domain to projects like this would mean that eminent domain could be used for any number of projects for which it was never intended.  We respectfully ask that you deny permits to these two entities and in the future consider only projects that serve the actual public good.


Plymouth County Board Of Supervisors, Don Kass Chairman

215 4th Avenue SE, Le Mars, Iowa, 51031