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Tuesday News, January 11th


County Supervisors Will Discuss Redistricting Precincts

(Le Mars) — Plymouth County Board of Supervisors will convene this morning at the County Courthouse Board Room for their weekly meeting.  The county governing board will hear a report from Ryan Berven with Group Benefit Partners.  Berven will discuss with the county supervisors the fiscal year 2022-2023 county insurance benefit plans.  Also during Tuesday’s meeting, County Recorder JoLynn Goodchild will submit the Recorder’s Quarterly Report.  County Engineer, Tom Rohe will submit a couple of construction permits.  The county board of supervisors will hold a public hearing scheduled for 11:00 a.m. for reprecincting ordinance, adopt Ordinance and approve Supervisor district and precinct resolution.  The county board will go into closed session to discuss a litigation matter.



Wurths Honored As Remsen’s “Citizens Of The Year” While Wes-Tel Is Awarded “Business Of The Year”

(Remsen) — Remsen Chamber of Commerce held its awards banquet last evening at the Golden Pheasant steakhouse. This year’s “Citizens of the Year” were awarded to the owners of the Maple Lanes Bowling Alley, Ken and Michelle Wurth.  The nomination read in part, that the Wurth’s offer Remsen’s youth and families an alternative, and safe outing.   The Wurths have owned the Maple Lanes bowling for the last 27 years.  Michelle Wurth says she and her husband were surprised by the honor.

Ken Wurth says bowling is making a comeback, especially since it is now recognized as a sanction sport with the Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union.

Ken Wurth says bowling is a sport that people can continue to participate in well into their senior years past retirement.  He says many professional athletes turn to bowling during their off-season.

The Wurths say the junior bowling can have children at the age of 6 begin competing in bowling.  Michelle Wurth says they are fortunate that so many people in Remsen turn to their bowling alley for fun and entertainment, as well as family traditions.

The Remsen Chamber of Commerce awarded Wes-Tel Company its “Business of the Year” award.  Many of the employees of Wes-Tel were on hand for the banquet.  Mike Nelson serves as the Chief Financial Officer with the telephone and internet company.




Kelderman Sentenced For Reckless Driving Causing Serious Injuries

(Orange City) — Sioux County Attorney Thomas Kunstle announced that Christopher Michael Kelderman, 38, of Doon, Iowa, Iowa, was sentenced Monday in Sioux County District Court for two counts of the crime of Serious Injury by Vehicle by Reckless Driving, both Class D Felonies. Sioux County Attorney Thomas Kunstle prosecuted the case on behalf of the State of Iowa.

This case arose on April 24, 2020, when Kelderman sped through an intersection that was controlled by a stop sign and collided with another vehicle. The vehicle’s two occupants sustained life-threatening injuries and had to be mechanically extracted from their vehicle. One of the occupants now uses a wheelchair. Emergency responders immediately noticed Kelderman smelled like alcohol and saw beer cans inside and outside his vehicle. Kelderman failed a sobriety test and admitting to consuming alcohol.

On November 22, 2021 Kelderman pled guilty to two counts of Serious Injury by Vehicle. On January 10, 2022, the matter came for sentencing. The State recommended the prison sentences be imposed concurrently while counsel for Kelderman recommended the prison sentence be suspended and that he be placed on probation. District Court Judge Jeffrey Poulson ordered that Kelderman be sentenced to two indeterminate terms of incarceration, served concurrently, not to exceed a total or five (5) years.




Iowans Bet More Than $2B On Sports In 2021

(Des Moines, IA)  —  Allowing Iowans to place bets on their cell phones and computers has opened the floodgates.  The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission reports more than two billion dollars was wagered on sports in 2021.  That’s three-and-a-half times the 575 million bet on sports the year before.  The big difference was a change in state law that allowed Iowa residents to place bets on their phones rather than having to register in person at a sportsbook.  The commission says 90 percent of sports bets in Iowa were placed online.  All that betting produced eight million dollars in state tax revenue.




Iowa Senate President Blames Media, Others For Sinister Agenda

(Des Moines, IA)  —  Iowa State Senate President Jake Chapman blames the media and others for a “sinister agenda” aimed at normalizing deviant behavior against children.  Although the Iowa Legislature is expected to focus efforts on tax cuts and reforms to unemployment law, Chapman’s opening speech Monday took the dialogue in a different direction.  He says pedophilia and incest are being pushed more than ever before.  Chapman said, “The attack on our children is no longer hidden.”  The Republican has in the past called for jailing educators who provide what he considers obscene material to students.  Democrats criticized the remarks.  Republican Governor Kim Reynolds delivers her Condition of the State address tonight (Tuesday).




Money Rolls Into Hinson Reelection Campaign In Record Amounts

(Washington, DC)  —  Money keeps rolling into the Ashley Hinson reelection campaign in record-setting amounts.  The Republican congresswoman from Iowa says her campaign raised 809 thousand dollars during the fourth quarter of 2021.  That tops the record for Iowa congressional campaigns during an off-year.  Hinson says 96 percent of her donations were in amounts of 100 dollars or less.  She reports she got money from six thousand new donors.  Hinson also broke fundraising records in the second and third quarters of last year.




Lewis & Clark Memorial Coming To Sioux City Riverfront

(Sioux City, IA)  —  Backers say a Lewis and Clark memorial coming to Sioux City’s riverfront will be dedicated August 20th.  The memorial is part of the redevelopment of Chris Larsen Park.  It is planned to highlight the time the expedition spent along the Floyd River in Sioux City.  Sergeant Floyd Welcome Center volunteer Dan Whitlock says a second, smaller monument will tell a little more about the story of Sergeant Charles Floyd’s death and burial.  A memorial rock was placed at the location last October and artist Ray “Bubba” Sorensen will paint the latest “Freedom Rock” in August.




Proetestors Show Up On Legislature’s Opening Day

(Des Moines, IA) — There were a few dozen protesters in the rotunda of the Iowa State Capitol during open day speeches. The protestors oppose vaccine mandates and they have rallied at the statehouse before, although in larger numbers. State Labor Commissioner Rod Roberts announced Friday he would not enforce federal vaccine mandates for businesses with 100 or more employees until the U-S Supreme Court issues its ruling on the case it heard on the subject.




Study Finds Iowa Climate A Negative For Immigrant Entrepreneurs

(Ames, IA) — An Iowa State University study finds immigrant entrepreneurs are less likely to choose Iowa as their place of business — with the climate as one of the reasons. I-S-U economics professor John Winters says it’s harder for immigrants to imagine running a successful business long-term in a state with such cold weather. He says that doesn’t mean Iowa should disregard immigrants who want to open their own businesses. Winters says the state may need to think about some of these challenges, and offer potential business owners more incentives like expanding outreach and training programs to reach more immigrants in the state.




Hinson Says Congress Doesn’t Have To Stall On Every Issue

(Washington, DC) — Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says every issue in Congress doesn’t have to be tied up in partisan politics as the new year is underway. The Republican from Marion says she’s worked with Democrats on things like renewable fuels. And she says when she talks with her constituents — they want to see things get done. Hinson is hoping that everyone will put partisanship behind and work on issues they know they can pass.