An Evening Of Fun During Trivia Challenge Night


(Le Mars) — Nearly 140 people challenged their brain power and their knowledge of trivia during Friday evening’s Trivia Night Challenge hosted by the Knights of Columbus and the Le Mars Chamber of Commerce.  It proved to be a fun evening with 21 teams participating in the trivia night.  Most teams consisted of six participants, however, there were several teams that did not have the six people to make a complete team, and there were a few individuals that competed by themselves, without the advantage of having team members.

Questions were projected on to a wall with teams needing to write down their answer.  Following the round, teams then had to turn in their answer sheet to be tabulated.  There were several rounds of questions that included sports, identifying celebrities, general knowledge, entertainment where a specific quotation from a movie was featured with missing words from the quotation, and even one round where all the trivia answers had the common theme of having been names of television shows.

1st Place: Team Primebank

2nd Place: Quizzards of Oz

3rd Place: Team Titantic Swim Team

Team Primebank won the trivia challenge, with Team Quizzard of Oz taking second place, and Team Titantic Swim Team placing third.  The trivia night was created and coordinated by Very Good Trivia of Sioux Center.

One round of trivia questions dealt with the history and general knowledge of Le Mars.  How much do you know about Le Mars?  Here are the ten questions that had a Le Mars connection.  Answers are located at the bottom of this article.

Question #1

Le Mars is #1 in a lot of things, but what does the town NOT claim fame as having been first?  a.) First concrete street in Iowa  b.) First Oldsmobile franchise in Iowa  c.) First Little League west of the Mississippi River, or d.) First ice skating rink in Iowa?


Question #2

In what year did The Brew open in Le Mars?


Question #3

What kind of animal is painted in the downtown alleys with the quote “There is no beauty without some strangeness”?


Question #4

What was the original name before Le Mars?  a.) Willow Hill  b.) Blair City  c.) Dramore Township  or d.) St. Paul Junction


Question #5

How many ice cream cone sculptures are scattered throughout Le Mars?  a.) 35  b.) 55 or c.) 75


Question #6

What animated movie was shown at Total Motors for the outdoor movie on Thursday evening of the 2021 Ice Cream Days festival?


Question #7

If you are heading north on Highway 75, and getting off the first exit to Le Mars by the Wells Enterprises corporate offices, what is the exit number?


Question #8

Which one of these Blue Bunny ice cream flavors is not retired?  a.) Monster Cookie Mash    b.) Toffee Brownie Twist    c.) Caramel Cold Brew


Question #9

Le Mars was the starting city of RAGBRAI this past summer.  This was the town’s second time, so in what year was the first time?


Question #10

___Brothers Bar and Grill + Hwy ___ Nutrition + Royal ___Theater + Sweet ___Lanes + Habitue ___Go + Get Branded ___ = what number?



Question #1 — First Oldsmobile franchise in Iowa.

Question #2 — 2017

Question #3 — giraffe

Question #4 — St. Paul Junction

Question #5 — 55

Question #6 — Tom and Jerry

Question #7 — Exit 116

Question #8 — Monster Cookie Mash

Question #9 — 2005

Question #10 — 388