Senator Ernst Visits With Plymouth County Pork Producers


Plymouth County Pork Producer, Bill Tentinger of Le Mars, is seen visiting with U-S Senator Joni Ernst while she made a visit to Plymouth County as part of her 99-county tour.  Ernst spoke with several members of the Plymouth County Pork Producers Association Friday afternoon.

(Remsen) — U-S Senator Joni Ernst (R), as part of her 99-county tour, visited Plymouth County on Friday and met with area pork producers and other local leaders of agriculture.  The meeting was held at the Golden Pheasant restaurant at Remsen.  The gathering asked questions relating to the possible interruption of agriculture exports due to the Russian invasion into Ukraine.  The area pork producers were also concerned about California’s Proposition 12 that requires animals to be sold to California markets must meet the California standards for space for the animal.  The area pork producers visited with Ernst about bio-security measures, and how the government with some of its regulations could jeopardize bio-security.  Aside from agriculture, Senator Ernst was asked about her opinion on the new U-S Supreme Court justice nominee. Ernst also briefly discussed the Russian and Ukraine situation saying our energy prices will surely go higher.  She also said the United States needs to go back to the Trump Administration policies and be energy independent, as opposed to purchasing our energy from foreign nations.  Ernst explains what she had heard from visiting with the group of pork producers.

Following her discussion with the area pork producers, Ernst met with the media and was asked about the Russian invasion into Ukraine, and whether people in the United States should have fear of the situation.

Ernst was also asked about the spending of programs causing the nation to go deeper in debt, and whether the nation’s additional spending spree will hurt programs such as Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare?

The Republican Senator continued with her statement saying a good way to help those people needing Social Security payments along with Medicare and Medicaid is to have younger and able body generations to go back to work.

Ernst informed the gathering at Remsen that since the Democrats are the majority party, nearly everything at our nation’s capital is being driven with the theme of climate change.  Ernst is a former military officer, and she is a member of the Senate Arms Committee, and she says even our nation’s military readiness is being dictated by the ideas surrounding climate change.