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Monday News, February 28th


Plymouth County Fire Departments Were Busy Battling Grass Fires During The Weekend

(Le Mars) — As our dry conditions persist, along with the strong winds, it has made for ideal conditions for grass and field fires. Plymouth County Fire Departments were busy during the weekend fighting grass fires.  Le Mars Fire and Rescue along with the Oyens Fire Department were called to a controlled burn pile that got out of control and quickly spread to some nearby corn stalk bales.  The fire was reported shortly after 3:00 p.m. between Noble and Otter Avenues.  Firefighters were on the scene for approximately 40 minutes.  The Akron Fire Department responded to two grass/field fires on Sunday, and the Hinton Fire Department also had to respond to a grass fire.




Le Mars Community Board Of Education And Administration Officials To Hold Retreat This Evening

(Le Mars) — The Le Mars Community Board of Education along with school administration officials will hold its annual retreat scheduled for today.  That retreat will begin at 4:00 p.m. and will be held at the Education Service Center.  The retreat is different from a regular monthly meeting as the local school board will not be taking any action or votes, but it’s purpose is merely to inform the school board of issues at the school district.  The school board will begin the retreat with discussion focused on school improvement overview.  Next they will hear from various school officials and students talk about career and technical education.  The board of education will also hear reports regarding professional learning communities.  The school board will listen to officials discuss the school’s officer resource program with the Le Mars Police Department.  The school board will conclude the evening with reflection and board discussion.




Chamber Of Commerce To Present “Employee Of The Month” Honor This Afternoon

(Le Mars) — The Le Mars Chamber of Commerce will be making a presentation of the “Employee of the Month” later this afternoon. The honor will be given at 4:00 p.m.




Remsen-Union And MMC School Districts Will Go To Polls On Tuesday, March 1st

(Remsen) — Residents of the Remsen-Union and the MMC school districts are being asked to go to the polls on Tuesday, March 1st to vote for the continuation of the one-cent sales tax that helps finance local school districts with renovation, restoration, and maintenance upkeep projects.  Known as S.A.V.E. the estimated annual income from the program generates approximately $320,000 per year for the Remsen-Union school district, and an estimated $440,000 for the MMC school district.  School Superintendent Dan Barkel explains the measure.

Barkel says both school districts have authority to utilize the one-cent sales tax until the year 2029.  He says the vote on Tuesday will extend the collection and use of the generated revenue.

Barkel says for the Remsen-Union school district, improvements are need for the plumbing system and the school’s auditorium.

The MMC and RU school superintendent says they are having the vote now in order for the school districts to be able to leverage possible loans against the expected collection of the one-cent sales tax.




Ernst Meets With Plymouth County Pork Producers

(Remsen) — U-S Senator Joni Ernst, as part of her 99-county tour, visited Plymouth County on Friday and met with area pork producers and other local leaders of agriculture.  The meeting was held at the Golden Pheasant restaurant at Remsen.  The gathering asked questions relating to the possible interruption of agriculture exports due to the Russian invasion into Ukraine.  The area pork producers were also concerned about California’s Proposition 12 that requires animals to be sold to California markets must meet the California standards for space for the animal.  The area pork producers visited with Ernst about bio-security measures, and how the government with some of its regulations could jeopardize bio-security.  Aside from agriculture, Senator Ernst was asked about her opinion on the new U-S Supreme Court justice nomination. Ernst also briefly discussed the Russian and Ukraine situation saying our energy prices will surely go higher.  She also said the United States needs to go back to the Trump Administration policies and be energy independent, as opposed to purchasing our energy from foreign nations.  Ernst explains what she had heard from visiting with the group of pork producers.

Following her discussion with the area pork producers, Ernst met with the media and was asked about the Russian invasion into Ukraine, and whether people in the United States should have fear of the situation.

Ernst was also asked about the spending of programs causing the nation to go deeper in debt, and whether the nation’s additional spending spree will hurt programs such as Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare?

The Republican Senator continued with her statement saying a good way to help those people needing Social Security payments along with Medicare and Medicaid is to have younger and able generations to go back to work.

Ernst informed the gathering at Remsen that since the Democrats are the majority party, nearly everything at our nation’s capital is being driven with the theme of climate change.  Ernst is a former military officer, and she is a member of the Senate Arms Committee, and she says even our nation’s military readiness is being dictated by the ideas surrounding climate change.




State Lawmakers Pass “Historic” Fair Tax Bill

(Remsen) — A major piece of legislation passed last week at the Iowa Capitol.  It was the tax cut proposal and the adoption of a flat tax program.  The bill has been passed by both the Iowa House and the Iowa Senate, and awaits Governor Reynolds’ signature to make it law.  State House Representative Dr. Tom Jeneary of Le Mars calls the passage of the tax bill as “historic.”

The House Republican explains what the bill contains, and how it should benefit all Iowans looking to retire within the foreseeable future.

Jeneary says the bill passed both chambers on a bi-partisan vote.  He says the state has taxed Iowans too much in the past. Jeneary says the legislature also included some “stop-gap” measures if the state’s revenue should fall short.

The Le Mars Republican state representative further explains the protective “stop-gap” measures associated with the new tax bill.

It is expected that Governor Kim Reynolds will sign the flat tax bill sometime during this week.




Terms Of Some Senator Adjusted for Redistricting

(Des Moines, IA) — Some winning candidates in the state senate races this November will be elected to two-year terms instead of the normal four years because of redistricting. Half of the senate seats are up for elections are held every two years. Secretary of State Paul Pate says nine state senate races in even-numbered districts will be for two-year terms as terms for some incumbents don’t match the rotating election schedule for odd and even numbered districts. Senators in the 25 districts labeled with odd numbers will be seeking four-year terms.




Former Coralville Firefighter Killed

(Coralville, IA) — A former firefighter in Coralville was killed in the line of duty on Saturday in Arkansas.  K-C-R-G T-V reports Jason Lang, a firefighter for the West Memphis Fire Department, was killed after a semi struck him along the side of an interstate on Saturday morning. Lang had stopped to assist the scene of a crash on the interstate while he was on the way to an E-M-T training class. Lang was a member of the Coralville Fire Department for about one year before joining the West Memphis, Arkansas, department in December.




New U-I President Installed

(Iowa City, IA) — The University of Iowa installed Barbara Wilson as the school’s 22nd president in a ceremony Friday and what was the school’s 175th anniversary. Wilson was named president by the Board of Regents in April of 2021, and she began the job in July of 2021 to replace Bruce Harreld, who retired. She had served as executive vice president and vice president for academic affairs for the University of Illinois System since 2016. During her installation address, Wilson said the university has grown dramatically and in many ways since the very beginning — and she wants to continue that growth in the state and beyond its borders.




Popular Bacon Festival Returns

(Clive, IA) — The popular Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival returned this weekend after being canceled last year by the pandemic. Bacon lovers gather in the Des Moines suburb of Clive for the festival which had the Mardi Gras-inspired theme called “Bacon Gras.” It marked the 14th year for the bacon festival — which celebrates the pork product.