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Tuesday News, March 15th


Jeneary Comments On State’s Revenue Estimates

(Hinton) — Last week, the state’s Revenue Estimating Conference released figures indicating the state would receive even additional funds than what was predicted last fall.  Republican State House Representative, Dr. Tom Jeneary, from Le Mars says the state legislature uses the estimated revenue numbers to help determine the state’s budget.  Jeneary says the numbers are positive and mean good news to the state.

Jeneary explains what it will mean to the Iowa legislature.

State Representative Jeneary says the estimated state’s revenue will total more than $9 billion dollars.

Jeneary says one of the bills that was passed in the Iowa House last week was the radon in schools bill.  He says schools will now be able to test for radon gas.




Northwest Financial Corporation Earns Top Workplace USA

(Spencer) — Northwest Financial Corp. has been awarded a 2022 Top Workplace USA.  This award celebrates nationally recognized companies that make the world a better place to work together by prioritizing a people-centered culture and giving employees a voice.  The Top Workplace USA award is based entirely on feedback from an employee engagement survey completed by employees of participating workplaces.  Greg Post, President and CEO of Northwest Financial Corp. commented, “Receiving a Top Workplace USA award is the ultimate compliment for our organization.

At Northwest Financial Corp. we pride ourselves in hiring people who want to be part of an engaging and innovative team.  We believe our team is what creates a great company.  I am proud to share that our organization is filled with talented employees who are given the opportunity to grow and develop their skills, encouraged to share ideas for process improvement, continually provide first class service and go out of their way to support and improve the communities in which we serve and live in.  Our management’s focus on attracting and retaining the best people to work for our company results in becoming an “Employer of Choice”.  We ask ourselves; how can we add value to our employees and what do we do as a company that is unique?  We look for people who are team-oriented, engaged and community focused, and who are interested in growing personally and professionally.”  Northwest Financial Corp. is a family-owned organization with over $2.6 billion in assets and includes two bank charters, Northwest Bank and First National Bank in Creston, and Northwest Wealth Management, L.L.C.  The organization employs 425 team members and focuses on the importance of supporting a good balance between work and personal life.  Northwest Bank has a branch office located at Le Mars.



Supervisors Will Discuss Plymouth County Wind Turbines

(Le Mars) — Plymouth County Board of Supervisors will talk about the wind turbine farm that Is located on the eastern side of the county as Bly Rougier with Invenergy Company will appear before the county governing board to discuss assignment of driveway permits, corporate guarantee and decommission agreement, and engineering survey along with roadway agreements.  Invenergy is in the process of transferring ownership of the wind turbines to MidAmerican Energy.  The county board of supervisors will also decide on a sub-division that is being proposed for Fredonia township.  It involves the Roder Minor subdivision.  County engineer Tom Rohe will appear before the county board to discuss a detour requested by the Iowa Department of Transportation between county roads K-18 and C-38.  Rohe will also submit to the supervisor’s approval a construction permit by the Cherokee Rural Water for work on Juniper Avenue and county road C-60.




City Council To Hold Public Hearing On City Budget

(Le Mars) — The Le Mars city council will begin today’s meeting at 12:00 noon inside the city council chambers by holding a public hearing regarding the proposed city budget.  In terms of action items, the city council will discuss the PCC replacement project for the area of Hawkeye Avenue (Business Highway 75) and 12th Street southwest, near Hy-Vee and Kemp’s milk processing.  The project is estimated to cost $20,000.  Morrow Lin Properties L.L.C. is proposing construction of a multi-family unit for Le Mars and is requesting financial assistance from the city through the workforce housing tax incentive plan.  The plan allows for 100 percent exemption of taxes on construction for the first seven years.  The estimated total tax exemption would be $83,327 over the seven year period.




IPBS Bill Passes House

(Des Moines, IA) — A bill in the Iowa House has passed 54 to 39 that would open many of the videos, tapes and other materials in the Iowa P-B-S archives for public use. Representative Megan Jones of Sioux Rapids says the bill is necessary because of a contract dispute between Iowa P-B-S management and former Iowa State wrestling coach Jim Gibbons over footage of a 1986 match. The bill essentially designates Iowa P-B-S material that’s at least ten years old as a public record that could be used for educational, historical or cultural purposes — and Jones says the videos couldn’t be used to make a profit. House Democratic Leader Jennifer Konfrst (KON-first) of Windsor Heights worked at Iowa P-B-S for 14 years and says the bill is a sledgehammer when a flyswatter is needed.




Deposit Law Change Passes Senate Committee

(Des Moines, IA) — A proposal to revamp the law that requires a deposit on some bottles and cans has cleared a Senate subcommittee. Republican Senator Ken Rozenboom (ROH-zen-boom), of Oskaloosa, says one estimate finds the wholesale distributors of beer and pop keep as much as 48 million dollars annually from unredeemed deposits. His bill would have that money routed to the state instead and deposited in the Taxpayer Relief Fund. The Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors Association opposes the bill. The Iowa Beverage Association, which represents the distributors of non-alcoholic drink, instead proposes the creation of a non-profit outside of state government that would manage the redemption system — and start charging the nickel deposit on bottles and cans of water, tea, and sports drinks.




House Passes Bill to Let ATVs Travel on Local Highways

(Des Moines, IA) — A compromise plan to let all-terrain vehicles travel on more county and state highways has cleared the Iowa House. If the bill becomes law, A-T-Vs driving on local highways would have to be equipped with headlights, taillights, turn signals and mirrors, plus the drivers would have to be at least 18 and have liability insurance. City officials would be able to prohibit A-T-Vs from driving within city limits. Representative Christina Bohannan of Iowa City says the bill also sets a 35 mile an hour speed limit for A-T-Vs driving on county or state highways. Representative Dennis Cohoon (kuh-HOON) of Burlington voted “no,” saying A-T-Vs aren’t meant to be driven on highways. The bill now goes to the Iowa Senate.




Registration Begins for Iowa Project AWARE

(Marion, IA) — Volunteer registration opens today (Tuesday) for this summer’s edition of Iowa Project AWARE, the 19th annual river cleanup event. Coordinator Nina Marquardt (mar-QWART) says this year’s effort will be on the West Fork of the Des Moines River, running July 10th through the 15th. They’ll be starting up in Petersburg, Minnesota, and ending just south of West Bend, Iowa, in Palo Alto County — which will cover 61 miles of the West Fork. Marquardt says about 78 percent of the trash picked up gets recycled. In addition to the usual bottles and cans, volunteers have found bowling pins, tires, refrigerators — and one year a tractor. To learn more and to sign up to volunteer, visit Iowa-project-aware-dot-org.




Cedar Rapids Woman Sentenced To 3 Years In Federal Prison On Drug Conviction

(Cedar Rapids, IA)  —  A 25-year-old Cedar Rapids woman has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for a drug conviction.  Paige Elizabeth Axler pleaded guilty last September.  Evidence submitted at Axler’s plea and sentencing hearings showed she sold ice methamphetamine on two occasions in December 2020.  Investigators say on the first sale she brought a seven-year-old child with her.  Authorities say Axler has accumulated eight adult criminal convictions despite her young age.  She was sentenced by U-S District Court Judge C-J Williams.




Casey’s Convenience Stores Among Iowa Businesses Impacted By Supply Chain Issues

(Ankeny, IA)  —  The Casey’s convenience store chain is among the Iowa businesses still being impacted by supply chain issues.  Chief financial officer Steve Bramlage (BRAM ledge) says the challenges have improves since the second quarter but the company is still experiencing disruption in its supply of prepared food and dispensed beverages.  Bramlage updated the situation during a conference call.  He says the supply shortages are the worst among bakery items like glazed donuts.  Bramlage says vendor partners are still experiencing COVID-related disruptions.  He says some of the increased cost for items has been passed on to customers.




State Treasurer Supports Withdrawing Russian Investments – But There Are Challenges

(Des Moines, IA)  —  Iowa’s state treasurer says he supports withdrawing investments in Russian companies – but there are challenges.  Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald says the ruble has crashed and the Russian stock market is closed.  Fitzgerald says that means you can’t sell out and if you could you would get pennies on the dollar.  He says he has signed a statement with 38 other state treasurers calling for public pension funds and other governments to divest from Russia.  Fitzgerald’s comments were made on Iowa P-B-S.




4-Year-Old Child Airlifted To Des Moines Hospital After Hotel Drowning Incident

(Fort Dodge, IA)  —  Fort Dodge Fire-Rescue reports a four-year-old child was in critical condition last weekend when it was airlifted to Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines.  The victim hasn’t been identified.  MessengerNews-dot-net reports emergency personnel were called to the Best Western Starlite Village a little after 6:00 p-m Saturday.  The child had been removed from the facility’s swimming pool and C-P-R was being administered by a family member and a bystander.  Fort Dodge officials say the victim’s medical condition at the Des Moines hospital isn’t known.