Sioux Center Brothers Appear on Domino Masters


Twin brothers from northwest Iowa will be featured in a new national T-V show tonight (Wednesday). Alex and Derek Koops of Sioux Center will be competing on “Domino Masters” on FOX. Four teams get 16 hours to complete a domino build that is based on a common theme each team must try to depict.

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Alex Koops says he and his twin have been setting up and knocking over dominoes since they were ten-years-old, but they upped their game after seeing an episode of “America’s Got Talent” and watching a contestant build contraptions with random items, like popsickle sticks and dominoes.

The twins started a YouTube channel called Daks Dominoes and it now has 200-thousand subscribers and 40 million total views. That caught the attention of the show’s producers. FOX flew the twins to Los Angeles last summer to film the show.

The set was built in an aircraft hangar to accommodate the four 26 square-foot raised platforms where each team creates their build. There’s also a platform for the judges.

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The brothers say there were at least a million dominoes in every imaginable color in a back room, plus woodworking tools and other materials for their creations.

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Domino Masters airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

The twins WERE declared the winners in Wednesday’s episode and advance to the next round.