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Monday News, April 11



The Le Mars Community School Board adopted a new budget for fiscal year 2022-23.
The new operating budget is 27.5 million dollars, up from 26.7 million in the current fiscal year.
Superintendant Dr Steve Webner says the budget reflects the financial health of the school district, and the broader community.

Property valuations are up, and that will result in a lower tax levy for property owners.

Final approval of the LeMars School District budget will take place at the next Board meeting, on April 19.
The Board also approved the official last day of school.
That day will be THursday, May 26.


Eric Mitchell is honored as the LeMars Area Chamber of Commerce April Employee of the month.

The Knights of Columbus nominate Eric because of his extra efforts to help make the community better in the face of Covid.

Eric has been a very active member of the Knights for many years. He handles much of the cooking for special events, meeting dinners and other social events. He is always willing to help and take part in anything that will improve our Council and Hall. He recently helped lead the way in Hall improvements as well.

Eric is very passionate about the Knights of Columbus and will do whatever is needed to make the event or program a success. He is a behind the scenes kind of worker, so it is time he gets the recognition he deserves.


The federal tax filing deadline is now one week away. I-R-S spokesman, Christopher Miller, says you will get a few extra days to file.

That moves the deadline to the next business day — which is the 18th.
Miller says everything appears to be going well as the deadline approaches.

He did not have a count on how many federal returns from Iowa have already been filed.
If you see you are not going to meet the deadline — then there is an action you should take.

An extension allows for the extra time to gather, prepare, or file that paperwork with the I-R-S,” He says.
The extension will you get until October 17th to file.

He says failing to pay by the deadline can lead to penalties and interest. He says the I-R-S encourages you to file electronically and use direct deposit for the refunds because your electronically filed returns are much more accurate than a paper return. And paper returns will be delayed in processing and in issuing a refund.


A Republican lawmaker who is not seeking re-election is urging colleagues who’ll return next year to make another try at passing a “Second Chances” bill.

It would establish a list of guidelines for when Iowa governors have the power to release inmates who’ve been sentenced to life in prison.

Iowa State Representative Terry Baxter, a Republican from Garner, said in a retirement speech in the House last week that “Iowa needs a comprehensive pathway to commute just a handful of sentences for those who’ve made a big difference in their life and done significant things to change”.

Iowa governors have the general authority to commute, or shorten, life sentences, but rarely do. Baxter, who is an ordained minister, considers the “Second Chances” bill a piece of unfinished business as he ends his eight year career in the Iowa House.


White House officials say President Biden is going to make his first trip to Iowa since becoming President.

The President will visit Menlo, Iowa, in Guthrie County, on Tuesday.

The president is expected to speak on the economy, particularly, his infrastructure bill.

The bill contains 3.4 billion dollars for roads, bridge, and broadband expansion in Iowa.

Biden last came to Iowa to speak to a rally shortly before the 2020 election.