Sioux Center Twins Win Domino Masters



Two brothers from Sioux Center have been declared Domino Masters, in a broadcast aired on Fox TV last night. Derek and Alex Koops, and their friend Lyle Broughton from Massachusetts, made up Team Dominerds in this competion.

Derek said the pressure on their team grew with each level of competition.


They had to keep coming up with spectacular domino displays.


Derek said their domino builds were a combination of new ideas with some tried and true ones.

Brother Alex says they have worked together on domino builds for a long time.

Alex early on thought his team would travel far in the competition. But the finale was a trial for the Dominerds.

Production of Domino Masters took place last year, wrapping up in June

But Derek said they had to keep the results mum until last night’s screening.

Alex says the Koops’ You Tube Channel, Daks Dominoes, and winning this competition could be stepping stones to greater things in the future.

In the season finale , aired last night, the three competing teams had to complete a build in 24 hours, using 5-thousand dominoes on a theme of their choosing.
The Dominerds, a three-man team including the Koops’ friend Lyle Broughton from Massachusetts, won a 100-thousand dollar prize, a trophy, and the title of Domino Masters.