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Monday News, August 22


Gehlen Catholic Schools open this week.
Amy Jungers, Development director at Gehlen, says the first social event of the season is tonight

The open house will be taken outside for more fun.

Jungers says there will be several new faces among faculty and staff this year.

…and they will bring more energy to campus.

Jungers says their goal is to create a caring atmosphere around the Gehlen Campus.

Gehlen’s theme this year is Hope – from Romans 15:13. The theme was prominent in a recent retreat for faculty and staff, and will set the tone on campus all year.  There will be a day off between tonight’s kickoff event and the start of the school year. School starts at Gehlen Catholic on Wednesday.




A Maurice, Iowa, native who has lived in Ukraine for over 15 years, is back in the area to connect with her family and her mission supporters.  It’s now been six months since the Russia/Ukraine conflict began.  Initially, Miranda Heytsi and her husband and their church ministered to refugees fleeing the country.  Now they work with refugees who stayed in their city of Tyachiv.

The Heytsi’s New Life Church is taking on a huge task, providing for some 200 refugees in their care.

Their small church, with 30 adult members, work to find places for refugees to stay, and some join them in their church work.

There are 4-thousand refugees in their city of 10-thousand.  Miranda says they all face the uncertainties involved in the conflict, and look ahead to winter with expected shortages of the basics of life.  At the same time, they experience a strong sense of purpose in their work, and working together with others across their city to help those who are displaced.  The Heytsis and the New Life Church are supported through a number of area churches, particularly Miranda’s home church, Bethel CRC in Sioux Center.



The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Sioux City man on outstanding warrants. During a motorist assist Friday, officers determined that a passenger in the car had given them false information about his ID. As a result, Joshua Adam Shultz, age 40 of Sioux City, Iowa was arrested and charged with providing false identification information. Shultz also had two valid Woodbury County warrants. The warrants were for probation violation with an original charge of theft 1st and felon in possession of a firearm. Shultz was booked into the Plymouth County Jail and held on bond.



A Hartley woman was arrested Friday for allegedly being intoxicated with her children in the car.  The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a motorist reporting that a woman later identified as 37 year old Brea Tschopp, was driving her vehicle in an unsafe manner on Highway 18, west of Hull last Wednesday Deputies located Tschopp, stopped her and suspected that she was under the influence of a drug; her children were passengers in the vehicle at the time. Tschopp was charged with third offense operation of a motor vehicle while intoxicated and two counts of child endangerment. The sheriff’s office and the Iowa Department of Human Services assisted in the investigation.



U-S Trade Representative Katherine Tai joined Congresswoman Cindy Axne, and U-S Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack last week at a farm near Woodward to talk about global trade opportunities and the Inflation Reduction Act.

They also discussed the high cost of farm inputs, specifically fertilizer.  Secretary Vilsack says one issue is making sure that farm income is high enough to be able to help farmers withstand these difficult times. He says prices today are better than they were a year ago.

Tai says it’s also reasonable to take a look at the health and functioning of the market here domestically.

Secretary Vilsack was asked about the impact of the Farm Bill. He says it does not impact the decision making for the Farm Bill — it simply allows money through the process to be used on existing programs.

Vilsack was asked if he sees carbon capture pipelines as essential to “climate smart agriculture.”

Vilsack is a Democrat and the former governor of Iowa who is serving his second stint as U-S Ag Secretary after serving in the Obama administration.



The Iowa State Fair wrapped up Sunday after an eleven-day run topping the one million attendance mark again. Saturday saw more than 128-thousand visitors — a record high for one-day attendance, with Sunday still to be tallied. State Fair C-E-O Gary Slater says there were not many negatives. There was one day that saw more than three inches of rain in a short time that made for some wet fairgoers and some muddy areas. But the rest of the days were nice — which wasn’t a given with triple-digit temperatures and heat indices heading up to the Fair start.



South Dakota’s lone US Representative warns that allocations in the Farm Bill could leave less for conservation.  Dusty Johnson spoke about the process of drafting the current measure Friday.  He says more money is needed for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program because of higher food costs, which may mean cuts in conservation money.