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KLEM News for Thursday, December 8


The National Weather Service in Sioux Falls has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for Plymouth and Cherokee Counties and points north from 3 o’clock this afternoon to 6 am Friday.  The advisory covers all of northwest Iowa.

Expect rain/freezing rain to begin falling after noon, transitioning to all snow by evening. This will start near the Missouri River, and spread northeast.  By late afternoon, mixed precipitation will reach I-90 in South Dakota and Highway 71 in northwestern Iowa. Snowfall will range from around inch near Hwy 20 to 4 or 5 inches in southwestern Minnesota. There will also be a glaze of ice as far north as I-90 with up to a tenth of inch of ice along Hwy 20.  Be prepared for slow travel later today and tonight.



Le Mars’ mayor is pleased with the announcement of Wells Enterprises acquisition by Ferraro Group.
Mayor Rob Bixenman says the arrangement is a win-win-win for Wells Enterprises, the Wells family,and the city of Le Mars.

Bixenman is pleased that Wells considered the company’s future involvement in the community as part of their deal with Ferraro Group.

He’s looking forward to Mike and Cheryl Wells remaining involved in the community after leaving ownership of the family firm.

Mayor Bixenman is also impressed with what he’s learned about the new owner, the Ferraro Group.

He thinks the new owners will be a great fit for the city.




Iowans are being warned about a new text message scam involving E-B-T cards, which are used to distribute government benefits like food assistance, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. Ashlee Kieler (KEE-ler), a spokeswoman for the Iowa Attorney General’s office, says the texts may look convincing.

She says Iowans should never share their card number or PIN with anyone and notes, government agencies will never request such information by text. If you get one of these suspicious messages, what should you do?

Kieler says this scam is particularly serious because those who receive benefits rely on these funds to feed their families. The scammers, she says, are heartless crooks.

If you fell victim to an EBT scam, Kieler says to file a report with your local law enforcement agency.



Wells Enterprises Wednesday announced they will be acquired by Ferraro Group, a large holding company based in Europe. The joint announcement was made by the CEOs of both firms Wednesday morning before a gathering of Wells employees at the Le Mars Convention Center.

CEO Mike Wells says in the past few years, he was considering how his family owned firm could transition to a future without a Wells in charge, yet maintain the company[‘s involvement in the development of the city of Le Mars.  He says he found it in the Ferraro Group, which has says has the same values and background as his firm.

Wells leadership will stay in place under Ferrero ownership, and the company will have 100% autonomy.  There will be transition for Wells, also.  He will step down as CEO, but will stay involved with the city of Le Mars.

Wells says the company will stay under the Wells Enterprises moniker, even the Visitors Center and Ice Cream Parlor.

The acquisition will make Wells a strong global competitor in the ice cream sector.

The acquisition will be completed early next year.



The Iowa High School Athletic Association Board of Control has approved an amendment factoring socioeconomic status into the organization’s football classifications that will be voted on by schools this month. The I-H-S-A-A classification committee recommends that 40 percent of a school’s free-and-reduced-priced lunch count be cut from a school’s annual enrollment to determine the football team’s final classification number. Voting will be conducted via email between December 16th and 22nd, and if approved, it would then be submitted to the Iowa State Board of Education for approval. If the Board of Ed approves, the new model would go into effect starting in the 2023-24 school year.



Latinos in Sioux City can now document their experiences in an oral history project that was launched by a Morningside University professor two years ago to highlight that growing community. Local resident Perla Alarcon Flory (ah-lahr-CONE FLOR-ee) donated her story to the archive. Flory says she hopes by sharing her commentary, others in her community will feel less alone.

Morningside Spanish professor Stacey Alex wanted to fill the gap in archival documentation of Latinos in the Midwest and began recording the experiences of Latino students, business owners and public figures in northwest Iowa. Now, she hopes local schools can use the archive of video interviews, conducted in Spanish, as a language-learning resource.

Alex hopes she can collect enough stories to build a curriculum that centers around community experiences.