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KLEM News for Tuesday, September 5

The Le Mars city council has set in motion a timeline toward completion of an infrastruture project for the SouthView Industrial Park. First, the council approved the final plat of the park, located on the south city limits of Le Mars. Then a public hearing was set for September 19, to approve plans and specifications fo the work to be done. The project includes construction of sanitary and storm sewers, water service and paving of 34th Street SW and 22nd Avenue SW. Its cost is estimated to be some 2.2 million dollars, to be funded using tax increment financing proceeds. Bids for the project are due on October 11, and a contract is to be awarded on October 17. The project is to be completed by July 1 of next year. JEO Consulting group is preparing the plans for the project.

The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors heard of progress toward improvements to be made at the county Emergency Services building. Supervisor Craig Anderson told the Board that he and Emergency Services Director Rebecca Socknat have discussed several plans for the site, but are awaiting cost estimates before they make another move. Anderson says the building is functional, but is in need of repair. The key issues are the repairs to be made, and their cost. Anderson says the building needs to be insulated, and water leaks into the building need to be stopped. Their was also discussion over the need to replace stairs to an attick storage area, and if the sotrage area is necessary. Anderson and Supervisor Mike Van Otterloo, who is also a memberof the Emergency Management Board,, and Socknat, were appointed to study the building, and propose repairs.



The Plymouth County Drainage Board approved a final voucher, and assessments for the drainage project at Hinton. A concrete box culvert was installed in the north edge of Hinton. Parcel owners in the drainage district will be assessed 50 dollars per year for five years to cover the cost of the project. The final cost of the project was 427 thousand dollars, some 3-thousand dollars above the cost estimate. A final payment of 16-thousand dollars was approved to be paid to the contractor. 40% of the project cost is covered by parcel owners in the drainage district, and 60% will be covered by the city of Hinton.



Plymouth County Treasurer, Shelly Sitzmann, reminds property owners that property taxes are due in September. The first half of Real Estate and Mobile Home taxes can be paid in the office, online, or by mail throughout the month of September.

The last day to pay is Monday, October 2, 2023 since the last day of September falls on Saturday. After October 2nd, it is considered delinquent.

Online payments may be made at iowatreasurers.org until midnight October 2nd, and mail must be postmarked on or before October 2nd to avoid being late.

Delinquent interest of 1.5% per month, rounded to the nearest dollar, is added to all unpaid taxes on October 3, 2023.

You may contact the Plymouth County Treasurer’s office if you need any information on property taxes.



Phones will be ringing all over Plymouth County on Wednesday of this week (September 6) during the 43rd annual Knights  of Columbus phonothon benefiting Life Skills Training Center and persons with disabilities.  This year’s honorary chairman for the phonothon is auctioneer Bruce Brock.   Brock is a long time friend and supporter of Life Skills.  He, along with his staff, have volunteered their time and talents for the organization’s annual quilt auction, held during the Plymouth County Fair,  since 1999.  The mission of Life Skills Training Center is helping individuals with varying abilities.   KLEM will broadcast updates from the K.C. Hall in Le Mars throughout the day Wednesday.



The Clay County Fair starts on Saturday. This is Jerome Hertel’s  first year as manager of the Clay County Fair in Spencer.

Hertel’s first day on the job in Spencer was April 17th. Hertel says once the fair starts this weekend, it will give him a chance to learn about the fair’s culture.

Hertel says he’s not looking to make any big changes.

Hertel says the staff and volunteers are paddling like crazy to get done before opening day. The Clay County Fair starts this Saturday, the 9th, and ends on Sunday, September 17th. Hertel was general manager of the Alaska State Fair for nine years — and he grew up in Parker, South Dakota, across the street from the oldest county fair in South Dakota.



About one in every eight Iowa women will develop breast cancer during their lives, and a rise in breast cancer cases among women in their 40s is bringing new preliminary screening guidelines. The recommendation now is to get mammograms every other year starting at age 40, instead of starting at age 50. Radiologist Dr. Amy Patel says she doesn’t think those new guidelines go far enough to address women who are at higher risk of getting breast cancer. Patel says all women should be risk assessed by the age of 25. Also, she says the guidelines don’t take into account breast density when deciding how often women are checked for breast cancer. In Iowa, about 27-hundred women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and nearly 390 will die from it. Only lung cancer causes more cancer deaths among Iowa women.