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KLEM News for Thursday, September 7

The Le Mars city council approved an amended professional Engineering Services agreement for a project at the municipal airport. A project to pave a taxiway to new hangars became more complicated when it was determined that a wetland will be affected by the project. This requires an environmental assessment before the project can proceed. Bolton and Menk was already hired to handle engineering services on the project. The agreement was modified to cover the expanded scope of the work. The fee for service was also expanded, from 47-thousand to 120-thousand dollars.


A sentencing hearing has now been set for a northwest Iowa man charged in the death of his mother earlier this year. Nathaniel Kassel of Rock Rapids was charged with murder in the first degree in the death of his mother, Jody Duskin. Kassel had earlier pleaded not guilty and was set to go on trial October 17th, but court records now indicate a plea and sentencing hearing is set instead for September 18th in O’Brien County District Court. Jody Duskin was found dead in her home in Sheldon in March. Court documents state that Kassel corresponded with family members saying he was planning to kill Duskin. Kassel was taken into custody in South Dakota the day after Duskin’s body was found. Kassel had also originally been charged with operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent and possession or control of a firearm as a felon. Those charges have been dismissed.


The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission has unanimously rejected Navigator C-O-2’s application to build a carbon capture pipeline in South Dakota. Navigator is one of three companies with plans to build carbon pipelines in the Midwest. South Dakota regulators held public hearings on the company’s route through their state in late July and early August, then unanimously voted Wednesday to reject Navigator’s application for a construction permit. A written statement from the company says Navigator remains committed to responsible infrastructure development and will evaluate the written decision from South Dakota regulators before deciding what to do next. One of the Navigator lines angles northeast from Sioux City into eastern Plymouth and northwest Cherokee Counties, intersecting a line at Hartley, in O’Brien county


The 43rd Annual Knights of Columbus Phonathon benefiting Life Skills Training Center held Wednesday surpassed their challenge goal of $57,000.  At the close of the evening, the fundraising event raised more than $62,075 in pledges.   John Peters, who co-chaired the call center at the Le Mars KC Hall with Dave Hill, told KLEM the event involved many volunteers from the Knights of Columbus.

A happy Shelly Thompson from Life Skills offered her thanks.

90 percent of the proceeds from the phonathon benefits Life Skills Training Center and 10 percent is given to Iowa Special Olympics.



Plymouth County Republicans will welcome one of their own tomorrow. Sam Clovis, a former Trump administration official, will speak at a GOP fundraiser tomorrow at Willow Creek Golf Course.  Clovis thought the eight presidential candidates who debated last month presented themselves well.  He said there were several who caught his eye. Clovis was encouraged that there are many solid GOP candidates from which to choose.

The candidate’s personalities were also on display, which has an impact on voters.

Heading out of Iowa, Clovis says the field will be reduced to five candidates, and after New Hampshire and South Carolina, the Republican field will be down to two candidates.

Clovis says three messages will resonate with voters in the presidential race.  One is Immigration and border control…

Another is military readiness…

A third is the economy…

The Plymouth County GOP fundraiser will be his first public appearance in four years.  Also at the event next Thursday is former Trump Administration Attorney General Matt Whitaker.



There are three microsurfacing projects taking place in Plymouth County this season.  County Engineer Tom Rohe outlined the three projects to the Board of Supervisors this week.  Rohe says the projects include C12, four miles north and four miles south of Remsen, and 3 miles of C38, east of US Highway 75.  Microsurfacing is a process where a thin coat of asphalt is laid on the roadway as a sealant.  It’s a durable material, extending the life of the roadway. It also costs less than the typical asphalt surface.



The Le Mars city council vacated an easement along 22nd Street SE.  The utility and drainage easement is located on lot 1 of Majestic View Addition.  It’s 5.5 acres, adjacent to the Dogwood Addition.  The easement is not necessary at that location, due to proposed grading and landscaping of the area.



A Hospers man has been arrested and charged with five counts involving sexual contact with a minor.  Andrew Joslin, 35, was arrested Tuesday night by the Deputies of the Sioux County Sheriffs Office.  The arrest stemmed from a report stating that Joslin solicited a minor female for sexual contact.  An investigation determined that the suspect had sexual contact with the minor at a Hospers residence.  Joslin was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, third degree sexual abuse and lascivious conduct with a minor.  He’s held in the Sioux County Jail.  The case remains under investigation.



The wildfire smoke from Canada is back over Iowa once again. Brian Hutchins at the D-N-R Air Quality Bureau says it looks like the smoke will be  primarily in western and central Iowa. Hutchins says the levels in the west, northwest are considered be unhealthy for all.  He says you should take note of you tolerance and make adjustments to how much time you will be outside.  The DNR has issued an Air Quality Alert through Friday.  You can check current conditions in Iowa at the E-P-A website called Air Now. For northwest Iowa, Air Now says air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups.