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KLEM News for Tuesday, September 12


The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors heard from a county resident concerned about truck traffic at his rural residence. Paul Utesch lives on 190th Street, west of K42. Utesch told the Supervisors that his daughter and grandchild live at that location, and he’s concerned about the truck traffic along his road. A school bus which comes to pick up his grandchild backs into the roadway to continue on its route. Utesch’s home is located near a hill, and truck traffic coming over the hill could have difficulty slowing down if the bus is backing into the roadway.  Utesch asked that signage be put in place to warn oncoming traffic of the potential hazard. The matter was given to the county engineer, who will investigate the issue. Utesch was urged to also contact the school district to express his concerns. .

The Supervisors passed a resolution approving the removal of a tax assessment on a parcel in the Hinton Drainage District. The Supervisors expanded the district for the purpose of spreading out assessments for a recent culvert replacement project. One property owner was included in the drainage district even though a small section of his property touched the drainage district boundary. The Supervisors action removes the special assessment for that parcel. The county had not yet been assessed for the cost of the drainage project.



The state law Governor Reynolds signed June 1st would let Republicans set new voter registration rules for the Iowa Caucuses — but Iowa G-O-P chairman Jeff Kaufmann says requiring Caucus-goers to have registered as a Republican voter weeks in advance is unlikely. Same-day voter registration for the Caucuses has been allowed under party rules since 1992. Kaufmann’s son, State Representative Bobby Kaufmann, is a senior advisor on Trump’s campaign and was lead sponsor of the bill that originally suggested Caucus-goers would have to be registered as a Republican — or a Democrat — at least 70 days before Caucus Night. That provision was removed before the bill became law. On Caucus Night in 2016, 21-thousand Democrats and independent voters switched their voter registrations to Republican that evening.



The heat and drought have continued to cause Iowa crops to deteriorate. The U-S-D-A crop report out Monday shows the corn condition declined by three percentage points in the last week where 46 percent is rated in good to excellent condition. Soybeans took a bigger hit, dropping five percentage points to average 44 percent in good to excellent condition. The crop report shows 38 percent of the corn crop has reached maturity, which is one week ahead of last year and six days ahead of normal.



The Le Mars YMCA has formed a new partnership with Le Mars Community Schools providing child care on “early out” days.   Le Mars YMCA CEO Jacque Perez says the Y will come to three community elementary schools to put on the after school program.

Perez says the after school program will be filled with activities.

The program combines resources from the Y and Le Mars Community Schools.

Student volunteers are always welcome to help.  Perez says the program fills a unique gap for child care.

The program also relieves some of the burden on parents

There are two early out days in September on the Le Mars Community School District calendar. The first one is tomorrow (Wednesday)

(Special thanks to KLEM student intern Luke Larson for this story)



New facilities are in use at MMCRU High School in Marcus. Superintendant Dan Barkel says extensive renovations began at the MMCRU High School building during the second semester last year.

The contractor was able to finish most of their work by the start of school last month.

The high school was built in 1960, and has a strong framework for reconstruction.

Another benefit – modern facilities aid learning.

An open house at MMCRU High School is planned for today, from 3-30 to 6-30 p.m.



The Plymouth County Sheriffs Office says 26 year old Ryan S. Maier of Sioux City died of injuries suffered in an accident when he sped into a stoplight intersection in Hinton.  Maier’s car struck four other vehicles before coming to rest in the intersection.  In one of the vehicles, five passengers were injured.  One of them was sent to the hospital for treatment.  The accident occurred Saturday afternoon in Hinton.



A semi accident closed Iowa Highway 60 near Sheldon yesterday.  The Iowa State Patrol says the truck driver, 53 year old Mohamed Nuh of Minneapolis, was driving southbound on 60.  He says he became distracted, and did not notice a vehicle slowing in front of him.  He swerved the truck to avoid contact, lost control, and rolled onto the drivers side.  Nuh was injured in the crash and transported to Sheldon Hospital for treatment.  The southbound lanes of Iowa 60 were blocked for 5 and half hours.



The Iowa company planning to build a two-thousand mile carbon pipeline through five states has now been denied construction permits in both North and South Dakota. Monday morning, South Dakota’s Public Utilities Commission unanimously rejected Summit Carbon Solutions application to extend its pipeline through their state. The South Dakota regulators say Summit failed to follow county ordinances the require buffer zones around city limits and homes. Summit executives say they will refine their proposed route through South Dakota and resubmit the application. The company’s statement says Summit Carbon Solutions says remains committed to South Dakota’s ethanol industry as well as the 73 percent of landowners along the pipeline route in South Dakota who’ve signed contracts giving the company voluntary access to their property.  Summit Carbon Solutions has already redrawn its proposed pipeline route in NORTH Dakota after regulators there raised concerns the pipeline was too close to North Dakota’s capital city. The IOWA Utilities Board started a hearing on the company ‘s proposed pipeline path in Iowa in August. The hearing resumes today in Fort Dodge.