Two Presentations to Plymouth Supervisors

There were two presentations before the Plymouth County Board of Supervisors Tuesday:

Safe Place Iowa is based in Sioux City, and provides safety, advocacy and Support to adults and children who have experienced domestic violence. Executive Director Stephanie Pickinpaugh (right) and Kathy Van Maanen (left) said that their work in the area is vital to the lives of women and children, particularly girls, who face a loss of human rights and human dignity. Later in the meeting, the Supervisors gave approval to a proclamation that designates October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Plymouth County.

The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors heard a report from the Judicial District Department of Corrections this morning. Director Maureen Hansen (right) described the operations and service offered in Plymouth County, and the entire third Judicial District. Hansen was joined by Probation officer Jason Nelson (left) and Probation/Parole Supervisor Adam Timmins (middle). Hanson says their service keeps track of those in the state prison system. There are currently 207 Plymouth County residents under court supervision. These include 176 on probation, 16 on parole, and the rest under special sentence or pretrial release. They also keep up with 138 who are living outside the county. Correctional Services is based in Sioux City,and serves 16 northwest Iowa Counties, including Plymouth. They maintain residential facilities for those inmates leaving the prison system. They also offer anger management and domestic violence classes, as well as drug courts.