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Bird Flu Migration


Iowa Ag Secretary Mike Naig (like egg) says the fall migration of wild birds is a danger sign for poultry producers about the potential for Aviation Influence exposure. Naig says the first major outbreak in 2015 saw a lot of contamination between sites, but the most recent outbreak saw isolated exposures in facilities brought on by wild birds.

He says there are already confirmed cases in two states to the north of us. (Spring and Fall migration)

Naig says producers can’t take anything for granted when it comes to keeping down the contact with wild birds.

The Avian Influenza or bird flu can have different strains, but Naig says he doesn’t know yet what the test results show from the early cases.

There were some 77 facilities impacted in the first major outbreak in 2015, with millions of birds destroyed.  The most recent outbreak saw 32 facilities impacted.