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KLEM News for Monday, October 30


This week, KLEM News profiles candidates for two seats on the Le Mars Community School Board.  Two candidates are running for an open seat in District 3.  One of them is Zach Davis of Le Mars.



Davis is at heart one who wants to help in the field of education.


His education skills qualify him for this post on the school board.


Davis says the district has to address some aging school facilities,  and soon.


In the future, Davis wants to retain a strong, stable staff of educators.


Student performance was damaged by covid. Davis says he will use his education background to improve all students’ achievement.


While it won’t have a direct impact on the school district, Davis says the city of Le Mars; Vision 2045 development plan will influence school growth into the future.


Davis says he is ready and eager to serve on the school board.


District 3 is an open seat. Davis and Joe Sitzmann are running for the seat left vacant, as incumbant Jane Arnold is not seeking re-election.


Drenkow Motors, a member of the Total Motors Auto Family, helped provide a vehicle to a Vietnam War Veteran from Sheldon who needed a reliable vehicle to make it to his VA medical appointments in Sioux Falls.

Marissa Korver of Sheldon says it started with a Facebook post…


So Marissa brought him back to Sheldon, and came to understand and identify with the veteran’s circumstances..

Marissa understood Willard’s position, and wanted to help him.


As it turned out, Willard’s apartment had been destroyed in a fire, so he was living in a hotel and was now unable to afford any repairs, including a tow, for his broken down vehicle.

After Drenkow Motors learned about the situation they knew they wanted to help in any way they could.


Mariisa says Willard is thankful for the kindness shown to him.


Korver says Willard has been living in Sheldon for 35 years.

Funds that had been raised thanks to the efforts of Marissa and the rest of the Sheldon community totaling over $1,100 at the time of this release, were given to Willard to help with any other expenses he may need to register the vehicle and for general expenses.


An excursion boat that’s been sailing in West Okoboji Lake for 37 years is being restored. The Queen Two has been taking tourists in the Iowa Great Lakes on an hour-long, narrated cruise around the lake since 1986, but the Queen has been showing her age according to the C-E-O of the Arnolds Park Amusement Park, which operates the boat. The diesel-powered boat, which has an open air upper deck and an enclosed lower deck, was lifted out of the water last this week. New engines, new generators and a new electrical system are being installed. An anonymous donor — who was married on the Queen Two — is financing the restoration — at an estimated cost of up to a million dollars.



Former President Donald Trump is expressing confidence he’ll finish well ahead of his G-O-P competitors in the Iowa Caucuses, but during an event in Sioux City on Sunday Trump said the rivalry he’s most focused on is a 2024 rematch with Joe Biden.

Three lawyers who worked for Trump or his 2020 campaign who were charged along with Trump for trying to overturn Georgia’s election results have pleaded guilty this month. On Sunday, Trump repeated his complaints about his loss to Biden and the indictments he now faces. Trump said he has accumulated 100 million dollars in legal fees.
Trump says his 2024 campaign advisers have suggested it’s disrespectful to say he’s going to win Iowa.

Over two-thousand people were in a theater in Sioux City to hear Trump, who was on stage for nearly 90 minutes. He offered brief critiques of G-O-P challengers Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, but never mentioned that Mike Pence, his vice president, dropped out of the race this weekend. Trump promised the crowd he’d prevent World War Three if he returns to the White House — and he’d force Europe to match what the Biden Administration has given to Ukraine.

At one point, the crowd cheered to signify where they were from and it appeared there were contingents from South Dakota and Nebraska, even a few were from Minnesota. Republican State Senator Brad Zaun (ZAHN) of Urbandale was the first elected official to endorse Trump in 2015 and he asked Iowans in the crowd to be the first to back Trump in 2024.

Republican Senator Lynn Evans of Aurelia told the crowd the 2024 Iowa Caucuses are the most important political event in their lifetime.

Also Sunday, the Trump campaign released the names of 100 faith leaders who’ve endorsed Trump.



Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is going to campaign through northwest Iowa today. One of his stops will be in Le Mars.  Ramaswamy will attend a Lyon County breakfast at Vande’s Bar and Grill, in Rock Rapids at 9am.  At noon, he will hold a town hall meeting at the Pizza Ranch in Sioux Center.

Ramaswamy will then head to Le Mars for a meet and greet at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor at 3:00 pm. His final stop will be a town hall meeting at the Stoney Creek Hotel in downtown Sioux City at 6 p.m.



Governor Kim Reynolds may join two other recently-elected state officials to endorse a presidential candidate for election in 2024.


The governor told reporters last week that the lack of border security is one of the issues that could motivate her to get directly involved in a presidential campaign.


Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird endorsed former President Trump last week. State Treasurer Roby Smith endorsed Vivek Ramaswamy late this summer.



The dry weather has created some yield loss in soybean and cornfields in north-central Iowa. I-S-U Extension Field Agronomist Angie Rieck-Hinz says some soybean pods were shattering in the fields before a combine would enter, or the pods shattered as the cutter bar of the combine hit them. The beans fall out of the shattered pods and can’t be harvested.

Rieck-Hines says the crops turned so quickly that it made it tough to respond.


She says many producers are making bales out of corn and soybean stover, but that can lead to a loss of important materials in the process.


Rieck-Hinz says corn yields in her territory have been averaging 210-220 bushels an acre, soybeans have been averaging about 62 bushels an acre.