Election Returns for November 7



Total Turnout: 17.80%

Ballots Cast: 3,206

Registered Voters; 18,016


Akron Mayor

Write-in   115

Akron Council – At Large – vote for 3

Ryan Bergman 154x

Adam Loutsch 167x

Sue Gabel              116x

Write-in          27

Akron Care Center Trustee – vote for 2

Diane Von Hagel     137x

Richard Gabel         77

Angela Auchstetter Carey             140x

Brunsville Council – at large – vote for 3

Mary Korthas         22x

Nick Dickman         21x

Ronald Ludwigs      22x

Craig – Mayor

Barry Cornish         16x

Craig Council – At large – vote for 5

Julie Plueger    15x

Glenn Moller    15x

Mona Schiltz   14x

Kelly Plueger   15x

Tammy Eyer   15x

Hinton – Mayor

Kelly Kreber    262x

Hinton City Council – At Large – vote for 3

Jeffrey Johnson      213x

Write-in                142

Kingsley – Mayor

Rick Bohle      160x

Kingsley Council – At large to fill a vacancy

Justin Baker    185x

Kingsley Council – At large – vote for 2

Keith Bohle     163x

Todd Beelner   179x

Le Mars Mayor – vote for 1

Rob Bixenman 995x

City Council, Ward 2 –  vote for 1

Steve Wick     470x

For an at-large Le Mars council seat:

Brad Pick         643x

Patrick Renken 262

Mark Miller       90

Mark Lindsay   89

Floyd Valley Healthcare Trustees – vote for 3

Danna Schuster      631x

Douglas Carlsen     628x

Patrick Rosacker     613x

Janelle Bixenman    512

Christi Calhoun       427

Merrill Mayor

Write-in                 123

Merrill Council – At large – vote for 3

Carla Rieken           83x

Vicky Hemmelman  81x

Karson Morehead    67

Deb Gillaspie          71

Logan P Held          86x

Write-in                27

Oyens Mayor

Donna Poulsen       10x

Oyens Council – At large – vote for 2

Kyle Thoms                  10x

Jacqueline Benstead              9x

Remsen Mayor

Write-in          12

Remsen Council – At large – vote for 2

Douglas Ruhland    186

Kendra Rensink      148

Struble Mayor

Michael Vander Molen     9x

Struble Council – At large – vote for 5

Kenneth Urban              9x

Timothy Nicholson  9x

Troy Hughes          8x

Richard Weiler        10x

Robert D Hughes    9x

Westfield Mayor

Jenny Hartman-Mendoza        11

Write-in                              17

Westfield Council – At large – vote for 2

Lisbeth Terpstra     11

Write-in                35


Akron-Westfield School Board

Director at Large – vote for 1

Nicholas Mathistad  225x

Director District 4

Write-in   112

Director District 5

Write-in   93

Director District 6

Debra Jordt    210

Hinton School Board

Director At-large – vote for 3

Veronika Cummings       333x

Kyle Hoefling          546x

Cam Kounkel         553x

Write-in                266

Public Measure A


Hinton Community School District

Public Measure RN: Approval of issuance of 16.1 million dollars in bonds for school improvements

Yes  425  No   414

Public Measure RO: Increase debt levy to pay off bonds

Yes 400  No   437

Public Measure RP: Increase PPEL Levy

Yes  438  No   383

Public Measure RQ: Extend PPEL Levy another ten years

Yes  408  No   408


Kingsley-Pierson School District

Director At-large – vote for 3

Philip Herbold  195x

Lindsay Smit   168x

Cutis Motz      189x

Write-in          15

Public Measure RM  – to establish a PPEL levy

Yes  124  No   96


Le Mars Community School Board

Director District 3

Zach Davis      863x

Joe Sitzman    618

Director District 5

Jill Feuerhelm  1,327

Director At-Large – vote for 2

Zach Lancaster       949x

Kyle Plathe      669x

Scott Eilts              473

Shawn Olson   440

Special measure – extend purpose statement for SAVE funds to year 2051

Yes  1,235      No   179


Remsen Union

Director At large – vote for 2

Justin Tentinger     174x

Travis Tentinger     137x

David Nicks            118